Spencer Webb's Girlfriend Kelly Kay Gives Birth After His Death, Honors Him With Baby's Name

The Oregon Ducks tight end died in July after he fell and suffered a head injury while visiting a lake.

Just eight months after Oregon Ducks tight end Spencer Webb died from an accidental fall, his girlfriend, Kelly Kay, gave birth to their child.

Kay took to Instagram on Friday and posted a series of photos announcing the baby boy's birth. One of the photos included her cradling him with an Oregon Ducks blankie. Another photo showed the baby's footprints and a photo of Webb's football jersey hanging in what appears to be the nursery room.

She captioned the post, "Spider Webb 🕷️🕸️ 3/30/23." Webb's nickname was Spider and his Instagram handle was @spider_.

The birth announcement comes seven months after she announced she was pregnant. The pregnancy news also came one month after Webb's sudden death.

“We created an angel before heaven gained one 🕊 all you ever wanted was to be a father…I know you’ll be the best one from up above,” she wrote in her caption announcing the pregnancy in August. “Can’t believe I have to do it without you but knowing I’ll have a piece of you keeps me going. I can’t wait to meet the person that’s half you, half me. I love you forever, both of you 🤍♾🕷🕸 @spider_.”  

Webb died on July 31, after he sustained a head injury during a trip to Oregon's Triangle Lake. According to CBS News, the sheriff's department received reports that someone was hurt near the area's rock slides, which are sloped rock formations that visitors use as "natural water slides."

Upon arrival, authorities said they discovered Webb unconscious "approximately 100 yards down a steep trail" after falling and hitting his head. Authorities said they did not find evidence of foul play.

The day after his death, Kay paid tribute to her late boyfriend with an emotional post. “My best friend my twin flame the love of my life. I’ve never loved anything as much as i love you. You were my everything, you gave me purpose, you showed me what it’s like to be cherished and valued and seen for me,” she wrote in the tribute.