'Splitting Up Together' Finale: Lena and Martin Toy With Living Under the Same Roof Again (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look at Tuesday's freshman closer.

Are Lena (Jenna Fischer) and Martin (Oliver Hudson) entertaining the idea of getting back together?

Sadly, no. Not yet, anyway. On Tuesday's freshman finale of Splitting Up Together, titled "Heat Wave," the exes toy with a new living arrangement now that their three kids are away for the summer. With the temperatures rising, Lena isn't exactly adjusting to her week living in the garage, so Martin offers up a brilliant idea that would require them to live under the same roof again.

"Look, Lena, I don't see why we have to do this every other week thing while the kids are gone," Martin proposes. "We can just share the house for the summer. There's central air..."

"It's fine! I think we can just stick with the program, and if I get too hot, I can just go to a cooling center," Lena says, causing her ex-husband to question her Plan B. "I can ride the bus or go to my local library..."

"Oh, OK. Have it your way," says Martin, crestfallen at Lena circumventing his proposed summer truce, even though he's in a relationship with Lisa Apple (Monica Barbaro). 

But Lena maybe saves the day when she brings up a long-standing summer tradition whereby they celebrate their "independence from their kids": their backyard pina colada party! Will they go through with it now that they're divorced? Watch the exclusive sneak peek above to find out!

Earlier this month, Hudson spoke with ET's Keltie Knight about the "instant" spark he felt with Fischer, noting that it's something he's "never experienced before" in his career.

"It's really intangible," Hudson said of their onscreen chemistry. "[Jenna] already had the show and I had to go read with her. Before we even read, it was just instantaneous. It was just yapping and talking and then Emily[Kapnek] and Dean [Holland], our [executive producers], were like, 'Can we do the scene please?' I don't know what happened or why, 'cause we are very different people, but she is like my wife [Erinn Bartlett] a little bit in her personality, or in the way she goes about things. Apparently, I'm like Lee [Kirk], her husband."

Splitting Up Together wraps its first season Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.