'Star Trek: Discovery' Sneak Peek: Stamets Is Worried for Culber's Safety (Exclusive)

A new episode drops Christmas Eve on CBS All Access.

Danger lurks on Star Trek: Discovery.

A new episode of the CBS All Access series drops Christmas Eve, but ET has an early present in the form of sneak peek. Titled "Su'Kal," the episode sees USS Discovery venturing to the Verubin Nebula, where Burnham, Saru and Culber make a shocking realization about the origin of the Burn as the rest of the crew faces an unexpected threat. 

In ET's exclusive clip, Stamets (Anthony Rapp) expresses his worry over Culber (Wilson Cruz) embarking on his dangerous new mission. After all, if something goes wrong, losing Culber isn't exactly something Stamets can handle. But Culber knows the risk he's taking

"You can't go, Hugh! You have me, Adira and everyone here," Stamets pleads.

"Paul, I need to go for me. I was so lost after I came back and ever since we came to this future, I found a purpose I didn't even know I was looking for," Culber says. "I can Saru and if there is a survivor, they've been alone for decades. And maybe I can help them too."

"Promise me you'll be safe," Stamets says, coming to terms with the fact that fighting Culber on this matter is wasted energy.

"We'll keep comms open. You can listen in the whole time," Culber says, reassuring him before they share a sweet kiss.

Prior to the launch of season 3, ET spoke with Rapp and Cruz about welcoming Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander into the Star Trek: Discovery family.

"On a more personally exciting level, Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander, non-binary and a trans actor, respectively, are joining the cast. For Blu especially, it was Blu's first professional job and I got to be there on their first day of work and it was thrilling to watch them do their thing and I cannot wait for people to meet them," Rapp said. "Ian's had a wonderful career already and introduced to that many more people [as] a part of this. But that's really exciting that these young pioneers are a part of our cast and they are wonderful artists, as well as human beings and activists."

"I am excited about our relationship and the fact that you get to see us really at home this season and with these new people who are added to our lives, how they affect our lives," Cruz said. "I am excited about the unit that Paul and Hugh are creating together."

A new episode of Star Trek: Discovery drops Thursday, Dec. 24 on CBS All Access. For more on the series, watch the video below.

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