'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 to Feature the Return of Q

Star Trek: Picard
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John de Lancie will reprise his beloved character in the new season.

Star Trek: Picard has its next mission.

Production on season 2 of the Paramount+ series is officially underway and the first teaser was revealed by Jean-Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, on Monday during the streaming service's virtual First Contact Day global event. 

It was also announced that John de Lancie, best known for playing Q in the Star Trek franchise, will reprise his beloved role for the upcoming season. De Lancie was first introduced as Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation before appearing on Deep Space Nine, Voyager and season 1 of the animated Paramount+ series Lower Decks

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Season 2 will see Picard and the crew of the La Sirena exploring the true final frontier: time. 

"Time can turn even our most impulsive, our most ill-considered actions into history. What we do in a crisis often weighs upon us less heavily than what we had wished we had done. What could have been," Picard says in the trailer, teeing up the new season. "Time offers so many opportunities but never second chances."

Suddenly, De Lancie's voice comes in as he says as Q, "The trial never ends."

Watch the official Star Trek: Picard teaser below.

Joining Stewart in season 2 are Alison Pill, Isa Briones, Evan Evagora, Michelle Hurd, Santiago Cabrera, Jeri Ryan, Orla Brady and Brent Spiner. Whoopi Goldberg will also appear as a special guest star, reprising her role of Guinan.

Star Trek: Picard returns in 2022 on Paramount+.

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