'Station 19': Barrett Doss and Carlos Miranda on Love Triangles and Heating Up Season 5 (Exclusive)

The actors preview the upcoming season of the 'Grey's Anatomy' firefighter spinoff.

Station 19 is back for more explosiveness as it kick-starts season 5 with a two-hour crossover premiere event with Grey's Anatomy on Thursday. Following Sullivan's actions at Maya and Carina's wedding last season, which put his marriage with Andy on the hot seat, the firefighter spinoff is gearing up for even more drama as Dean comes to terms with his feelings for Vic and Travis rekindles an old flame. And that's just scratching the surface.

"There's a storm a coming. Vic is at a point in her life where she's ready to make some more adult decisions and when faced with an embarrassment of riches I feel like she's got a lot of choices and she's ultimately going to have to make one," Station 19 star Barrett Doss, who plays Vic, told ET. "But of course, there's a lot of information she doesn't have yet. I, as the actor, know what's going on with Dean but Vic doesn't know yet, so when or if that stuff hits the fan, I'll be interested to see how she reacts to it."

But then there's Theo Ruiz, played by newly promoted series regular Carlos Miranda, who's captured Vic's romantic interest. A love triangle between Vic, Dean and Ruiz is very much an ongoing thread that will play out in the new season. "I'm in. I'm Team Theo over here," Miranda said. "I gotta stay and hold it down, but he's around so he's definitely gonna interrupt some things maybe."

Complicating Theo's prospects is his complicated history with Travis and his late husband, Michael, as Theo was the latter's old captain and responsible for his death. "There's still so much to explore and that relationship and the consequences of that relationship with Travis' best friend. There's a lot of love stories to tell here," Miranda noted, adding that Vic and Theo's future looks very bright. "We left off pretty steamy." Added Doss: "Yeah, pretty promising." 

When asked how Theo's added presence on Station 19 may shake things up on the show this season, Doss joked, "I was gonna say, 'Vic is always shaking things up.'"

"Theo, he's Station 23 over here so I'm reppin 2-3 like [Michael] Jordan, so somebody might come in and rep me maybe but I'm not interrupting their house unless I'm interrupting whatever Dean and Vic got going on that I can't see because I'm in a whole other building," he previewed.

"The one we've been comfortable with for the last several many years, it feels like we're in a position now to actually get to see the difference between Station 19 and another station and how we ended up the way we are and how that contrast is in a different environment," Doss said, prompting Miranda to chime in, "I always was curious when I watched everything 'cause y'all be talking crap about 23 all the time man. So when I came onto the show and I was like,' I'm from 23,' and this and that, even our first interaction when we met you, you gave me a little jab first."

There will also be a lot of changes in the power hierarchy at the station, with Maya now demoted from captain. "We're in a new era at Station 19," Doss said, "which allows for a lot of growth, a lot of unexpected pairings of people. I think it gives a lot of opportunity to see different sides to some of the characters that we already know so well in their roles, so I think that that allows for a lot of new opportunity for new drama and maybe some unexpected friendships too."

As for the two-hour premiere with Grey's, Doss hinted that "we get to see a lot of new beginnings, some potential endings and some exciting fire, which in a world of COVID we didn’t really get to see as much of as we'd like to so it's kind have a return to old school Station 19 with some fun fire-fighting."

Station 19 returns Thursday, Sept. 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. For more, watch below.

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