Steph Curry Opens Up About Giving Back to the Community and the Possibility of Having More Kids (Exclusive)

The NBA superstar and his wife, Ayesha, know that it takes a village to raise happy, healthy kids.

Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, know that it takes a village to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids, and that has inspired them in both their own home and their community. 

ET's Nischelle Turner caught up with the NBA star as his Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation partnered with PGA Reach and Workday for a golf tournament aimed at giving back to the community by providing healthy meals and safe spaces for local kids in the Bay Area.

"A lot of it is just trying to set kids up for success," Curry explained of his organization's goals. "What Ayesha and I really understood is that it takes a village. It's one of her favorite sayings, in terms of raising a child -- it takes a village to do that. We were blessed growing up with family and other resources that we had, but that village, that family, could be of any configuration or makeup, and we want to be able to be, hopefully, that village for kids that need it."

Eat. Learn. Play., the Golden State Warriors point guard explained, is aimed at proving "three key components" of nutrition and education for kids in need.

"Full stomach so you can focus on your work, after school being able to go to a park or a local community center where you can round out the kids' growth, confidence, relationships as well, and have a safe space to do that," he detailed. "And from an education standpoint, hopefully, bridge the gap along the way from elementary school all the way through college so the kids have an opportunity to succeed."

Curry's desire to give back to children in need isn't surprising, considering he and Ayesha have three adorable kids of their own: daughters Riley, 7, and Ryan, 4, and son, Canon, who just turned one in July.

"It's a full house!" the 31-year-old NBA pro exclaimed of life with his family of five. "No days is sane. We just try to get it done however you can, but [we were] unbelievably blessed to welcome Canon to the family. He's running around, coming into his own as a little young fella, so I'm enjoying it."

"Riley, she's the second mom in the house," he added of his eldest. "She's all about taking care of Canon and trying to feed him. She's even trying to change diapers now. All those little things make it special -- watching her grow up and to have the awareness of like, she's got to be a big, older sister."

So, are there plans for baby No. 4?

"I guess you can never say we're done, unless you do something to fix that," Curry said with a laugh, "but right now we are very happy and content with our family."

The Currys recently moved into a new home in the Bay Area and are feeling content setting down their roots "as much as you can in this craziness of the NBA."

"We're blessed to call the Bay Area home, [and the Warriors are] moving into our new arena this year on the court," he added. "Ayesha’s got so many roots set up here in the Bay, so this is home and we're enjoying it."

See more on Steph and his family in the video below and click here for more information on Eat. Learn. Play.



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