Stephen Amell Confirms Emily Bett Rickards' Return for 'Arrow' Series Finale

Arrow Stephen Amell Emily Bett Rickards
The CW

Amell shared the news on Twitter on Friday, writing, 'Welcome back Emily.'

Felicity is set to make a return as Arrow takes its final bow.

Emily Bett Rickards, who played the beloved character for seven seasons on the CW series, will reprise the role for the show’s 2020 series finale.

Lead actor Stephen Amell shared the news on Twitter on Friday.

“There’ll be a lot of news coming out about our final episode over the next few months,” he wrote alongside a GIF of the actress. “I prefer when you hear it from us. Welcome back Emily.”

Naturally, fans were thrilled to hear the announcement, which made it a happy Friday for many Arrow viewers.


“OMG YES! I’m so so happy! Gimme that Olicity reunion,” replied another viewer, referring to the couple name given to Felicity and Amell’s character, Oliver.

Amell himself is also no doubt thrilled about Rickards’ return, given that he recently told ET he would “love” for her to come back, but at the time was doubtful it would happen.

"Those aren't conversations the two of us have to have," he said. "I'm a fan of our show. I would love for her to come back; as her friend, I respect whatever her decision is. I think probably not."

"She's one of my best friends and it's tough not having her there because Oliver's a d*ck sometimes and the levity of Emily's character was always there," he added. "I'm purposefully trying this year to not take scenes where I might be a little morose and because we always had the juxtaposition of Felicity... We don't have that this year."

Rickards’ final episode of Arrow aired in May and later that month, CW president Mark Pedowitz addressed whether he saw any potential for a return at some point.

“Emily has been terrific on the show and we believe [showrunner] Beth Schwartz did a good job wrapping up Felicity's storyline last year,” he said. "If Beth can find a way to bring her back that makes sense and Emily's available, we'd love to have her. Otherwise I'm pleased with how they said goodbye to the character."

With so many fans hoping to see Rickards return, ET couldn’t help but raise the possibility again with Amell at Comic Con in July.

“No, not that I know of,” he said about whether there were any plans for Felicity to return. “I actually texted her when I was on the plane to Vancouver last week and I just texted her that I was sad. The show feels different, in no small part because Em Bett’s not with us anymore. It feels different.”

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