Stephen Colbert and James Corden Return to Studio for Late Night Tapings

Stephen Colbert and James Corden
Terence Patrick/CBS

The late-night hosts are both "so happy" to be back in the studio.

Stephen Colbert and James Corden are back in the studio! The CBS late-night hosts, who have been filming The Late Show and The Late Late Show from their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic for the past few months, have returned for in-studio tapings this week.

Colbert kicked off Monday's episode of The Late Show by sharing he was "so happy" to be back. 

"I'm back in New York City, as you can see," he said during his opening monologue. "Here, in the historic Ed Sullivan theater's office building. This is the first time I haven't done my show in my house in five months. I am so happy to be here to see members of my crew."

He went on to thank his wife and kids for helping him produce the show from home.

"This office is packed with crew around here, all staying away from each other. And as much as it is nice to see my crew here in the building, I do want to thank my wife and kids again for everything they did to help produce the show while I was home," Colbert added.

Meanwhile, Corden returned to stage at Television City in Los Angeles with new safely precautions, including glass shields that he hilariously walked into multiple times.

"I have to say it feels so good to just not be doing this show from my garage anymore," Corden shared. "I was so happy coming into work, to be here on stage 56."

"56 is also the number of temperature checks we've all had to pass through to get in here today," he joked.

On Friday, The Late Late Show shared photos of their redesigned set on Twitter. 

"After lots of careful planning and an overhaul of our studio to ensure the safety of our staff and crew, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re back this Monday night with all-new episodes of the #LateLateShow," the post read.

While Colbert and Corden did return to their studios, the episodes were taped without a live audience and guests appeared via video chat for their interview segments. 

Last month, Jimmy Fallon also made an emotional return to The Tonight Show studio. After months of hosting the late-night show from home, he returned to 30 Rockefeller Center for filming on a real soundstage. He addressed his return with a heartfelt explanation of why it was important for him to come back.

"I'm here to show you there is a light at the end of the tunnel if we all do our part to keep each other safe," Fallon said, sitting on a stool in the largely empty studio. 

"I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but normalcy, any type of normalcy, feels great." Fallon continued, getting a bit choked up as he addressed viewers. "So hopefully we can put a smile on your face for an hour every night and let you sit back and relax while we try to bring you a little bit of normal."

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