Stephen Colbert, James Corden and Other Late Night Hosts Address Matt Lauer Scandal

Stephen Colbert
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

The former 'Today' show anchor's surprising firing was the topic of many hosts' monologues on Wednesday night.

Matt Lauer's termination from the Today show amid accusations of sexual harassment shocked America on Wednesday morning, and by the evening, the news was already fodder for almost every late night talk show host.

Jimmy Kimmel opened his show by talking about the unexpected turn of events, and how he first heard the news, like so many other people, when he first woke up on Wednesday morning.

"This morning, my wife looked at her phone and went, 'Oh my god! Matt Lauer!' Which, of course, I assumed he was dead," Kimmel recalled. "I guess this is better? I don't know."

"[So] what happens now?" he continued. "Does he have to do an emotional sit-down interview with himself?"

While the commentary about Lauer's alleged actions was handled delicately, many of the hosts were somewhat less charitable toward President Donald Trump, who decided to tweet about Lauer's scandal despite of being the target of numerous accusations of sexual harassment himself. 

"Wow, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC for 'inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.' But when will the top executives at NBC & Comcast be fired for putting out so much Fake News," Trump tweeted early Wednesday.

"I'll tell ya, if anyone knows about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace at NBC, it's Donald J. Trump," Kimmel quipped. "Is he aware that he's him? I don't think he is. I think he sees Donald Trump on TV and goes, 'I like that guy.'"

Stephen Colbert also addressed Lauer's firing during his Late Show monologue, but really took Trump to task for his response.

"By fake news, do you mean, 'More than a dozen women have accused Trump of improper conduct or sexual assault .' Is that what you mean?" Colbert said, referring to a past headline published by The Washington Post. "Listen up! You don't get to comment! That is the pot calling the kettle at 3 a.m. and asking what she's wearing."

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers -- who has been one of the most vocal critics of Trump over the last year -- took to Twitter to explain why his show wouldn't be able to address Lauer's firing on Wednesday.

"Due to the tree lighting we taped tonight's show yesterday so if you're wondering why any of today's news is conspicuously absent this evening - now you know!" Meyers tweeted, referring to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting event -- where Lauer's absence was conspicuous but never mentioned by his Today show colleagues.

News of Lauer's termination was announced Wednesday morning by Today show anchor Savannah Guthrie at the top of the show, and since his firing, a report published by Variety included multiple unnamed women who accused the veteran TV news personality of sexual harassment.

Lauer's alleged behavior reportedly includes giving a colleague a sex toy as a present, with a note about how he wanted to use it on her. Another woman alleges he called her to his office and showed her his penis, and then reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act when she declined.

Lauer did not comment on the allegations or his recent termination until Thursday morning at the top of the Today show.

For more information on the scandal surrounding the longtime Today show host, watch the video below.