'STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie' Trailer: Time Travel Through the Actor's One-of-a-Kind Life

Revisit the 'Back to the Future' star's legendary story in the trailer for the upcoming movie about his life.

Prepare to launch into the story of Michael J. Fox

On Thursday, Apple Original Films dropped the jam-packed trailer for Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie. As the title suggests, the movie is all about the beloved actor and chronicles his one-of-a-kind life and career in the spotlight.  

"What did it mean to be still?" Fox is asked in the trailer, seemingly referencing the film's title. 

"I wouldn't know," the 61-year-old Back to the Future star replies. "I was never still."

After highlighting his triumphant rise to blockbuster fame -- "I was bigger than bubblegum," he says -- the trailer turns toward his Parkinson's disease diagnosis at 29 years old. 

"'In sickness and in health' I remember her whispering," he says of his wife Tracy Pollan after his diagnosis. 

But, as Fox has demonstrated in the decades since, he refuses to let the disease debilitate him and has become a fierce advocate for anyone with it. 

"I'm a tough son of a b**ch," he says in the trailer. 

He's also a grateful one. As he previously told ET, "The alternative isn't good, so, no, I just love life and it's a matter of acceptance. The more you accept, the more you are grateful for it because you see the contrast between what's good and what's not and what you have in your life: my family, my career, and the people I meet every day." 

STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on May 12.