'Stranger Things' Adds Amybeth McNulty, Myles Truitt and More to Season 4

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Stranger Things season 4 is adding new characters to its star-studded lineup. The show's official Twitter account revealed Wednesday that Amybeth McNulty, Myles Truitt, Regina Ting Chen and Grace Van Dien will be joining the crew at Hawkins High for the upcoming season of the sci-fi horror series.

In addition to the casting announcement, Stranger Things introduced the new characters and provided some background on how they'll play into the show. McNulty will play the role of Vickie, a cool, fast-talking band nerd who catches the eye of one of our beloved heroes. Truitt will take on the role of a Hawkins High basketball star who has friends, talent and a good life -- until shocking events send his life spiraling out of control. Chen will play a popular guidance counselor who cares deeply for her students, especially those struggling the most. And Van Dien, will play the quintessential most popular girl in school, and Hawkins High's lead cheerleader, but beneath the seemingly perfect surface lies a dark secret.

Just last month, almost two years after the last season of the Netflix series, Stranger Things released a creepy new trailer for its highly anticipated fourth season.

In the clip, we see children in hospital gowns with shaved heads being tested with a series of games, including chess and a Connect Four-style board. A white-haired man resembling the evil Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) is seen walking down the hall from behind and saying, "Good morning, children," to which the children reply, "Good morning, Papa."

After the kids in the clip say they're doing "good," the man replies, "I'm glad to hear it because today I have something very special planned for you." 

The music intensifies as the camera pans to a door marked "11," and the man says, "Eleven, are you listening?" before the clip cuts to Eleven's eyes bursting open. 

ET recently spoke with Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, about the upcoming season.

"When it comes to the tone of the season, it's definitely matured for sure, and I think they do that on purpose because I think they want their show to mature with their kids," he shared at the time. "As we are growing older as people, we have to grow older as characters."

Matarazzo said he didn't know when the show would end but that the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, had a plan for bringing it to a satisfying conclusion. 

"I heard from them that they have a pretty clear idea as to where they want to wrap the show up," he said. "And I think they have a completely clear outline as to how they want their show to end. But what's good about them is that though they have their conclusion and though they have their idea of how they want this to wrap up, they're very keen on letting it play out by ear."

No release date has been set for Stranger Things season 4.


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