'Summer House' Star Danielle Olivera Gets Choked Up as She Recalls Split From Robert Sieber (Exclusive)

The reality TV star and the chef began their relationship during the pandemic.

Summer House's Danielle Olivera and chef Robert Sieber have ended their relationship after two years of dating. The 34-year-old reveals to ET that she and Sieber split late last year -- and haven't gone public with the news until now.

"The rumors were kind of going out there ... I haven't confirmed anything publicly ... 'cause I didn't know how to say it then, and it was too emotional for me," Olivera tells ET. "I'm in a much better place now -- it's still emotional -- but mentally, I'm like getting there."

Olivera and Sieber's relationship began in 2020 -- when he slid into her DMs. While he isn't an official cast member on Summer House, fans have watched and supported him as he focuses on his career at the Snow Lodge in Aspen and the Surf Lodge in Montauk. 

Fans began to speculate the status of their relationship late last year, when Sieber unfollowed Olivera on social media. Olivera says the timeline of their split was around the Thanksgiving holiday. 

"It happened, like, right before Thanksgiving, just so happens right before he came out here to Aspen for the season," she says. "It was just one of those things where we weren't communicating very well, and everything was kind of bubbling up and bursting, and I expressed some an unhappiness with our relationship, and the time spent and things like that and going out together."

She continued as she became choked up, "And, you know, he's just going through it at work, and that is his priority. And he, you know, he said he couldn't make me happy anymore, and so that's where you can just like... oh, God ...That's where it ended."

Olivera reveals that during the filming of Summer House's seventh season, things were fine. However, things came to a head when the cameras stopped rolling and the pair continued to struggle with Sieber's work schedule as a traveling chef. 

"Robert and I were fine and great, and I was obsessed with him over the summer," the Bravo star says. "He'll be on the show, I mean. We don't always get along because I'd miss him so much, but our demise happened after we stopped filming [season 7 of Summer House]."

As for where she stands with the chef, Olivera reveals that she is working through the awkwardness of the split and sharing a friend group. 

"It's a little awkward here, I'm not gonna lie. I want there to be a friendship," she tells ET. "I still have a lot of love for him, a lot of respect for what he does here and in Montauk, and we have, like, a lot of mutual friends that, I want them to not feel this breakup. Obviously, it's gonna take a little time. But we've shared a lot of good times with a lot of people, and neither one of us should suffer because of this."

As for getting back together, Olivera says don't count the idea out, but for now, she isn't thinking about that.  

"I don't know [if we'll get back together]. Never say never," she says. "But I'm really just focused on moving forward, getting all the distractions necessary to help me do that. You know, messaging friends, family, going out -- getting a little messy."