'Supermarket Sweep' Trailer: Leslie Jones Hosts the Anticipated Game Show Reboot

Leslie Jones Supermarket Sweep

ABC has shared the first official look at an even more fast-paced and energetic version of the ‘90s classic. 

On your carts! Get set! Go watch the first trailer for the reboot of Supermarket Sweep. The popular game show is back with former Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones as the host -- and ABC has shared the first official look at an even more fast-paced and energetic version of the ‘90s classic. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the original, which is now streaming on Netflix and Amazon, the series sees three teams of two putting their pop culture knowledge and grocery shopping skills to the ultimate test in order to sweep the competition.   

By the looks of the first trailer, all the staples are back: the opening trivia round, the grocery sweep and the final chance to take home cash prizes. But this time around, things look more intense, with aisle spills and cart crashes that could ruin the competitors’ chances of winning. “We’re going to need a cleanup on all the aisles,” Jones teases in the clip. 

While speaking with reporters during ABC’s presentation of its upcoming fall programs, Jones revealed how she was molding the program to fit her style and a fresh audience. “My main goal is to update it, bring some new music to it, bring some color to it,” Jones said. “Make people feel what I felt when I watched the whole show. You want everyone at home feelin' that element of excitement.”

She added, “It's just raw happiness.” 

That happiness is also what made the original such a lasting hit, running long enough that Jones even auditioned to be a contestant at one time. Now, she’s the host, replacing predecessor David Ruprecht, who has truly seen it all when it comes to Supermarket Sweep

“One of the reasons I think we’ve been around so long is it appeals to everybody. Everybody spends time in a supermarket,” he said while ET was on the set of its 1,000th episode. “So, it’s kind of everybody’s fantasy to run through a market, grab whatever they want and not have to pay for it. It’s a great idea.”

Supermarket Sweep premieres Sunday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.