'Superstore' Sneak Peek: Jonah Persuades Amy to Break the Rules for a Popular Video Game (Exclusive)


ET exclusively debuts a first look at Thursday's return episode.

Superstore is back!

On Thursday's return episode of NBC's charming workplace comedy, titled "Video Game Release," Amy (America Ferrera) is hell-bent on getting her hands on the latest video game craze, Barbarian's Gate 3, even though Cloud 9 rules stipulate that they can't save a copy for themselves while on shift.

"So I know that employees aren't allowed to set aside merch, but I was wondering if maybe you would want to make an exception for your best friend," Amy asks Dina (Lauren Ash) in ET's exclusive sneak peek, who shoots her down the only way Dina can.

The nerd smell consuming Cloud 9 (specifically "hair gel and urine") becomes too much for Dina to handle and she leaves her post behind the register. Amy, with Jonah (Ben Feldman) standing guard, sees an opening after she watches a customer buy himself three copies of Barbarian's Gate 3.

When Jonah suggests Amy break company rules and save a copy from the stock cage in the back because she "deserves" it, Amy throws caution to the wind. "I deserve to disembowel warlocks!" Amy says as they shore up their plan of attack. 

Watch the exclusive sneak peek below.

Superstore returns Thursday, March 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.