Surprise! 'UnREAL's' Fourth and Final Season Is Already on Hulu


Surprise! The fourth and final season of UnREAL is here.

After three seasons on Lifetime, the juicy hour-long satire -- which takes aim at reality dating shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette -- debuted its entire eight-episode final installment via Hulu on Monday morning.  

In a new deal between Hulu and A+E Studios, the production company behind the series, the final season completes the streaming service's UnREAL library. The first three seasons of UnREAL were previously available on Hulu.

Season four of UnREAL follows Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer) as they return to the set of Everlasting for an "All-Stars”-themed season. With former contestants, and a new format, this season promises to be more dramatic than ever. Appleby steps behind the camera for two episodes, including the series finale, while Zimmer returns to direct one episode. 

Following the season three finale in April, showrunner Stacy Rukeyser previewed the fourth season and the familiar faces who will make their way back into the Everlasting fold.

"August (Adam Demos) is coming back and Alexi (Alex Sparrow) is coming back, and then a couple of other people from past seasons," Rukeyser told ET. "The format is a little bit different. There is a Survivor-like challenge in every episode, as well as an elimination ceremony where people couple up and they spend the night together, so it's like every night is an overnight. It's the Wild West version of Everlasting."

"In the teaser for season four, you see Rachel is blonde and Quinn says, 'To hell with being a producer, you're a suitress.' You see Rachel with a lot of these different guys. I don't want to say too much beyond that about why Quinn gets that impression or if that's true or what's really happening," she said. "And we also have a new producer, Tommy, who's played by Francois Arnaud, and that's some fresh blood who's fairly attractive too, I'll put it that way."

Joining Arnaud as a new addition to the cast for season four include Natalie Hall, Meagan Holder, Alejandro Muñoz, Alli Chung, Meghan Heffern and Christopher Russell. In addition to Demos and Sparrow, Breeda Wool is also expected to return.

The fourth and final season of UnREAL is streaming now on Hulu.


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