'Survivor' Castaway Jeremy Crawford Reveals Shocking 'Strategic' Showmance That Sent Him Home (Exclusive)


It was one little comment that sent Jeremy Crawford home on Wednesday's episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath. 

The New York native was the first member of the Goliath tribe to make his exit -- and according to him, there was much more to his elimination than viewers saw on TV. While speaking with ET on Thursday, Jeremy said that Angelina orchestrated his departure after word got back to her that he had commented on her supposed "showmance" with tribemate John. 

"You know, we were in at least two cyclones, and rain every day, and people cuddle and get to know each other better," Jeremy explained. "You saw Karen and Dan, and then Alec and Natalia -- they kind of had a Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation, not a showmance, but flirting -- and Angelina had John. I made a flippant comment about it, and it got back to Angelina, and she went on the warpath."

While anything goes in Survivor, off-the-cuff comments don't usually get people voted out. But it got personal for Angelina, who was newly married. That's when she made it her mission to convince the tribe to send him packing.


"We all kind of had a gentlemen's agreement not to talk about her showmance on TV, I would say. So I was the first person to kind of, like, say something, I guess in a way that she didn't like," he continued. "But I don't know how it was carried to her. I said a comment around campfire, but she wasn't there. So I don't know how it was carried to her."

Jeremy said that "nothing romantic" ever went down between Angelina and John, and he hasn't spoken to her about the situation -- though as a Survivor superfan, he is disappointed it's what sent him home. 

"It was just like, you know, that kind of island love that goes away the moment you leave. And some of it was just strategic gameplay. Definitely, for John, it was strategic gameplay, and I think some of it was strategic gameplay for her. But you know, when you're together 24 hours, seven days a week, you have little showmances, little flirtations, I think," he said. "I mean, at this point, it's done."

And while viewers didn't get to see the Angelina drama, they did get a look at "Natalie Napalm" in full force. 


"I think she's unaware, and I think she's going to still keep rubbing people the wrong way," Jeremy said of his tribemate, whom he tried to warn about her behavior on Wednesday's episode. "Natalie was safe that night, because of Angelina's one-woman mission."

"She was only saved. You didn't see Natalie going around politicking to get me out. She was actually trying to get Allison out, so it wasn't that Natalie had anything to do with me getting out," he added. "So I don't think she'll have that twice."

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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