'Survivor' Finale Sneak Peek: Ben Is on a 'Mission' -- But Is It Enough to Keep Him in the Game? (Exclusive)

The whole tribe is against Ben, but he might just have another trick up his sleeve.

Ben is on a "mission" to win Survivor, but with the whole tribe against him, does he really have a shot? 

Only ET has an exclusive clip from Wednesday's season finale, in which Dr. Mike reveals exactly why Ben has become the biggest threat in the game -- and why they need to get him out ASAP. 

"Ben needs to leave this game. He's very dangerous, you know? I don't need a million dollars. I'm playing to win Survivor because I am going to be the ultimate Survivor," Mike explains, as the tribe agrees that Ben's their next target. "Ben's playing because he feels this need to win this money for his family, which makes him ferocious."

Ben, meanwhile, is completely aware that his tribe is gunning for him... but also isn't giving up just yet. 

"I'm vulnerable, you know? I have no protection now. I have no alliance and I know they're gunning for me. The only thing that could blow up their game is if I find another idol," he says as he searches the island for one last shot at immunity. 

"As long as my heart is beating, I'm looking for an idol. Everybody's sleeping. Everybody's knocked out, cozy with their blankets and pillows, and I'm out here for my family," he shares. "So there ain't no time for sleeping or rest. This is more than a game to me. You know, this is a mission. This is a job." 

Watch the full clip in the video player above. 

The season finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers airs Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.