'Survivor' First Look: Jeff Probst Introduces Castaways to 'Dangerous,' 'Difficult' Season 42 (Exclusive)

The new season kicks off Wednesday with a two-hour premiere.

Survivor is going to be even more grueling for the castaways of season 42.

The latest cycle kicks off Wednesday with a two-hour premiere and as longtime host Jeff Probst warns the 18 new hopefuls vying for the $1 million dollar prize, it's going to be "fast," even more "difficult" and far more "dangerous." And they may be at a slight disadvantage, not having been privy to the previous season's challenges and obstacles.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the season's first episode, Probst tees up what awaits the castaways -- who begin the season split up in three tribes -- as they dive head-first into their 26-day-long adventure (if they make it to the end, that is). (Former ET staffer Romeo Escobar is one of the castaways.)

"There are lots of different ideas about what it takes to win and you have to continue to adapt. That is the key, which is why you have to think of the game of Survivor like it's the monster in a horror movie. Either you slay this game or the game will slay you," Probst advises. "I'm glad each of you are here and I hope Survivor gives you what you're looking for."

The first challenge affords the winning tribe a leg up on the tools to make fire and to cook food. But, they won't be provided rice, a Survivor essential. The castaways are stunned when they learn that they'll be starting off without rice.

"You haven't seen Survivor 41, you're going to be on your own," Probst confirms. "The new Survivor is fast, it's difficult and it's dangerous."

Survivor premieres Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 

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