Sutton Stracke Shares Update on Erika Jayne Relationship After Tense 'RHOBH' Reunion (Exclusive)

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Sutton Stracke shares an update on where she stands with her co-star amid filming season 12.

Sutton Stracke is willing to give Erika Jayne a chance. The two ended season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a not-so-great space, with Erika calling Sutton "a b***hy f**king c**t" among other things at the all-cast reunion. The season focused heavily on Erika's divorce from attorney Tom Girardi and the estranged couple's various legal woes, with a number of lawsuits mounted against them, the biggest of which alleges the embezzlement of millions of dollars from clients of Tom's firm.

Sutton asked a lot of questions about the ordeal, and poked holes in Erika's stories, leading to major friction for the pair that was largely left unresolved in season 11. Now, with cameras up on season 12, Sutton is offering a little update on where she and the "Pretty Mess" singer stand.

"Well, I mean, we're in the same room together, so I think that's positive," she cracks to ET, speaking at her "Parisian Night in L.A." event, honoring her designer/friend Alexis Mabille, which she hosted at her The Sutton Concept store in West Hollywood on Wednesday. Erika was on the list to attend, but ultimately did not show up for the event (which Bravo cameras captured). 

"You know, look: Erika and I are on a little bit of a different spectrum and hopefully we're gonna try to gently move to a central place, so that we can.... I don't know!" she adds. "I mean, I'm always hopeful."

Erika has yet to apologize (at least publicly) for threatening Sutton while filming season 11 of RHOBH, a threat she attempted to walk back at the reunion. Ironically, Erika did apologize to Patrick, Kathy Hilton's butler -- who was present for the altercation -- when he showed up at the reunion. Sutton says she didn't catch that apology when the episode aired last week. 

Outside of Erika, Sutton and her RHOBH castmates are focused on Dorit Kemsley, who is living through the aftermath of a terrifying home invasion robbery

"Honestly, I saw the footage yesterday and it was terrifying," Sutton shares, referencing home video footage LAPD released to the public this week in hopes of tracking down the suspects. "And I don't think any of us want to see anyone ever injured or hurt, especially around family and just kind of want them to feel safe again."

"Being around her, you can see it in her eyes," she adds. "She was very distraught and it's... it was hard. It's just a hard thing for all of us. ... I said, 'How can you still get through this?' And she said, 'I have to as a mother.' And that's when I totally understood, because as a mother you have to put on your strong face, and I got it. That's what you do as a mother: You get up and act strong and go on with your daily life, and I'm... so impressed by her."