Suzanne Somers' Livestream Gets Interrupted By a Home Intruder: 'You Shouldn't Be Here'

The actress was filming a makeup video on Facebook Live when a man unexpectedly walked in.

Suzanne Somers had an unexpected guest during her recent livestream.  

The 74-year-old actress was filming a makeup video on Facebook Live on Friday, when a man unexpectedly walked into her home. Somers, husband Alan Hamel and their crew kept their cool as the man said that he was dropped off on the property by his friends and was "terrified" because there were "ghosts following" him.

"You shouldn't be here. You don't scare me…," Somers replied as the camera continued to roll. "But I'm not used to having people on my property and we're doing a show."

As the man apologized for the interruption, she gave a wide-eyed look to the camera. Somers and Hamel kept things friendly with the stranger. They encouraged him to leave the property the same way he entered. At one point, the man said he had a gift for Somers. She respectfully declined.

"You seem like a nice person, but you shouldn't be here," she added as he started to be escorted out. She then gave a shocked expression to the camera. "Sorry about that. I'm as shocked as you are." The moment comes around the 40:40 mark in the video below.

After the livestream, she wrote on her post, "All clear and safe! Thanks for your concern. Have a great weekend." Her fans took to the comments section to say they were glad they were safe and nothing bad happened.

Somers' rep tells ET that the actress thought the intruder was one of the dinner guests she was expecting later, so she was not initially that startled. The intruder did not appear to have any weapons. According to the rep, a fan called the police, who patrolled the property and stayed the rest of the evening. 

ET has recently caught up with Somers, who opened up about her memories with the late Larry King. The famed interviewer died Jan 23 at the age of 87.

"Larry King could talk to anyone about anything," Somers reflected while speaking with ET's Kevin Frazier, adding that King was overflowing with "pure curiosity."

Looking back at her long history with King, Somers credited the TV newsman with a lot of her success.

"Of my 27 books, 14 became New York Times best sellers, and it's because of Larry," she shared. "He, when I first started coming on, he would put me on for the entire hour."

For more on Somers, watch below.



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