Sylvester Stallone on Writing His Daughters' Breakup Texts and Comparisons to the Kardashians (Exclusive)

The longtime actor opens up about his new docuseries, 'The Family Stallone,' starring his wife and daughters.

After dominating the big screen with the Rocky franchise and the Rambo films, Sylvester Stallone is taking on a new role: Dad. The three-time Oscar nominee is at the center of the new series, The Family Stallone, which follows him, wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone and daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet as they navigate life as one of Hollywood's most infamous families. 

"This would be great to share this notoriety with a reality show while you're still relevant," Sylvester tells ET's Cassie DiLaura about going from the big screen to the small one, with this new Paramount+ project. "I love daughters, I love my wife and I wanted to share that. It's something that I think is entertaining." 

Ahead of the series' premiere on Wednesday, May 17, the Stallones opened up about putting their lives on camera as well as the patriarch having to help navigate his daughters' romances and breakups.   

On The Family Stallone, which they say is more of a docuseries than a reality series, the family puts themselves on full display, with Jennifer explaining that nothing is staged. "I didn't want it to be set up. I didn't want it to be, 'Oh, we all get drunk and we all throw fits and we're screaming at each other,'" she says. "I wanted to show people real life things that happen."

And that means seeing everything from the daughters dealing with breakups to something Sylvester refers to as the "tarantula moment." 

When it comes to the former, it turns out Sylvester has a lot more involvement in his daughters' relationships than one might expect. "He actually gives the best dating advice of all of us," Sophia says, while Jennifer reveals that "he actually writes their breakup texts." 

"Guilty," says the Oscar-nominated screenwriter for Rocky. "I'm a good writer." 

Though, Sylvester sometimes gives himself away. "He always wants to end with, 'Keep punching.' So, I delete that part. But everything else is so good," Sistine shares. 

But it seems like the men trying to join the Stallone family bring it upon themselves. "They're either trying to square up to [Sylvester] or be him because they're in love with him," Sophia quips, before her father adds, "Nobody is good enough." 

And it's that kind of family banter that will be what viewers get when they watch the series. "I think we all have such big personalities. We're very loud and funny. We come from love," Sylvester says, adding that he sees the show "definitely" lasting for "a couple of seasons." 

But before audiences start comparing the Stallones to another famous family with a long-running reality series, they're quick to say they are not like the Kardashians. "They've done it so right. And it works for them and there would be no point copying them," Sistine says, while Sylvester adds that they're focused on being authentic. "Because that's what we are," he says.

The Family Stallone premieres Wednesday, May 17 on Paramount+.



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