Tami Roman Talks How She's Moved Past 'Basketball Wives LA' Drama With Evelyn Lozada (Exclusive)

The actress also sat down with ET to talk about her new film, 'Fall Girls.'

Tami Roman is getting candid about her future with Basketball Wives LA.

The actress stopped by ET's studio in Los Angeles this week, where she addressed a number of topics, ranging from her drama with co-star Evelyn Lozada, her relationship with longtime love Reggie Youngblood and whether she plans to return to the VH1 show once her contract ends.

"You know, what? I actually loved doing Basketball Wives," Roman told ET's Courtney Tezeno. "And I think because the course of everybody's life we all start taking different turns and you realize certain relationships are going to work out. I think I'm at a place right now where it's about protecting my energy and my space and my zen."

"So even within the Basketball Wives world, if I go back, certain changes would have to be made for me to be comfortable in that environment," she added. "But we're still in talks. I don't necessarily know if I'll return, but we are talking about how everyone can be comfortable in that environment."

As many fans may recall, things got extra heated between Roman and Lozada during the show's fall reunion. Roman abruptly left the taping after Lozada called her out for being a liar and "faking s**t" because she's an actress.

Asked if they have squashed their beef yet, Roman told ET that although she doesn't "typically speak about Evelyn" in interviews, she would make an exception.

"We didn't speak before [the reunion] taping. We typically don't speak after," Roman revealed. "I think both of us owe ourselves a greater service -- not allowing me to come into her space, and her not coming into mine. Just respecting boundaries."

She added, "I just feel like we know what it is, and we both can move on accordingly."

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As for all those rumors claiming Roman and Youngblood are on the verge of a breakup and never plan to get married? 

"We've talked about it. We've kicked it around. We're really good," the actress said. "We're in a good place and I don't think we need to put any pressure on ourselves about having that piece of paper. When the moment presents itself, we'll jump out there and do it."

Regardless of whether she decides to return to Basketball Wives, Roman assures fans she isn't going anywhere. Next up, she stars as Linda in the new comedy Fall Girls, which premieres Jan. 12 on BET and BET HER.

"[Director] Chris Stokes felt that I could play this role, and so he contacted my agent and said, 'We'd like to make the offer,' and I said, 'Absolutely,'" she recalled. "I never had the chance to pay this type of role. Without giving away too much ... why you don't see a lot of me in the trailer is because I am the twist to the entire movie."

"Linda plays the boss' partner," she teases. "So when these young ladies think that they've killed their boss, Linda has an ulterior motive in actually making that come to fruition. It's a little Weekend at Bernie's with a little Girls Trip."


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