Tamra Judge Is Thankful to Be 'One of the Lucky Ones' After Revealing She's Cancer-Free (Exclusive)

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Tamra Judge is cancer-free!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that she is no longer battling skin cancer. 

"I had Surgury [sic] last week and today I found out I am Melanoma Free margins are clear," Judge wrote alongside a pic of her stitches. "Save YOUR a** and get a full body skin check. @cacoastalderm thank you for all you do. #sunblock #skincheck #melanomaawareness #HoagCancerCenter #TanningbedsShouldBeBanned."

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The 50-year-old reality star discovered melanoma on her left butt cheek in late August. 

"Being diagnosed with melanoma was a big eye-opener. Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones that caught it early," she told ET on Friday. "I now have a scar to remind me that having a nice tan could have been deadly."

"I beg people to stay out of tanning beds. Most cases are from overexposure to UV light produced by tanning beds," she explained. "I now wear sunscreen every day and need a skin check from head to toe every three months. Go see your dermatologist for a skin check. It could save your life."

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Judge previously had three spots that turned out to be basal cell skin cancer and one squamous cell skin cancer, which can be treated with early detection and quick removal. She showed off another scar on her arm in January. 

See more on Judge in the video below. 

Additional reporting by Brice Sander.