Tara Reid Wants to Play 'Tiger King' Star Carole Baskin in Film Adaptation (Exclusive)

ET exclusively spoke with the actress via Zoom this week.

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens... Tara Reid really wants to play Carole Baskin on the big screen!

While speaking to ET via Zoom this week, the actress expressed her interest in portraying the big cat rights activist from Netflix's Tiger King crime docuseries in a feature film adaptation that's in development.

"I mean, that is the kind of role for me!" Reid, 44, told ET's Kevin Frazier. "We are in definite talks right now. So, let's see what happens. It is not an official offer yet, but we definitely are very close."

"That also scares me if I do it... I don't really like tigers," she continued, laughing. "That's a little scary. I loved doing Sharknado because [the sharks] were fake."

As for whom she could see starring as the Tiger King himself, former zookeeper Joe Exotic, Reid has one particular actor in mind: Matthew McConaughey!

"He'd be perfect for it. He dedicates himself to every single role," she marveled. "If you could make it right, it could be a great movie."

As we all patiently await any official casting news, fans can catch Reid in her new indie drama 5th Borough, available on demand June 3. Reid plays a character named Sophia, a mother with a teen daughter who has cancer and becomes addicted to heroin.

"I play a cop in it, and it's definitely a different role than I've ever come across," she explained. "Steve Stanulis [stars in it], and he also is the director of it and he's fantastic. He pushed me to a length that I've never done before."

"It's really going to be a good movie," she added. "I'm proud of it."


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