Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young Are Televising Their Wedding (Exclusive)

The couple has decided to film their nuptials for a one-hour special that will stream on Discovery+.

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young's fans will get an intimate look at their upcoming wedding. The couple is filming their nuptials and the special events leading up to it for a one-hour special, Tarek and Heather The Big I Do, which will premiere on Discovery+ in December.

ET's Lauren Zima recently spoke with the couple at their gorgeous new home in Newport Beach, California, and they talked about the decision to film their wedding. This is the second wedding for 40-year-old Tarek -- who was previously married to his Flip or Flop co-star, Christina Haack -- and the first for 34-year-old Heather. The Selling Sunset star said at first they didn't want to film their wedding but ended up changing their minds, especially when it came to capturing special moments with Tarek's two kids,11-year-old Taylor and 6-year-old Brayden.

"When we decided to do a wedding special, it wasn't an easy decision because a wedding is so beautiful and intimate and private so we actually went back and forth for months deciding," Heather shared. "It was a no, it was a hard no. For a long time it was a no, and as things started going on and then, like, the tux fitting with Brayden and Taylor's dress shopping, we were [thinking] how cute would that be to film?"

"And I think too that just showing the world our love and you know, it's funny, I hear a lot, especially from my page, I don't know if he gets it, but people think our love is cheesy or maybe it's not real," she continued. "We really are so in love."

Mexico was the original location for their wedding, but when plans started to fall apart, they ended up switching gears and switching out wedding planners. The special will feature the two pulling off their dream wedding on the California coast in four months. 

"So, we want people to see the journey of our love and our wedding and bring people into our lives but it was a big decision, because our lives are out there so much," Heather said. "We were just saying, 'Do we want this moment to be private or do we want the world to see it?' So, I hope the world is happy that we're filming it." 

The couple said that fans will get to see everything leading up their wedding like her dress fitting, their engagement photo shoot, and the involvement of Tarek's children.

"Brayden is the ring bearer and I'm a little nervous about him holding the ring and then Taylor, she's kind of whatever she wants," Heather revealed. "She's like the head bridesmaid, she's the head maid of honor, she's the flower girl, so, she's everything."

Tarek added, "Yeah, we don't mess with Taylor. Taylor's the boss."

Tarek and Heather admitted that the most challenging part of planning their wedding has been figuring out the seating chart.

"Honestly, the hardest part is the guest list and narrowing it down because we wanted the wedding to feel very intimate with all of our closest friends," Heather, who previously told ET that no exes would be invited, said. "We didn't even give anyone plus ones because we wanted it to be all of our best friends, so I think the seating chart is going to be the hardest thing."

Tarek joked, "Well, to be honest I'm a little bit more evil than she is so I'm trying to put my friends together that don't like each other and make them sit together, make it a real fun wedding."

Tarek and Heather said their black-tie wedding will definitely be glamorous.

"Blacks, golds, whites, champagnes ... that's the aesthetic of the wedding," she shared. "And, we might be pulling in my favorite color. I'm very feminine and girly so I love pink so there might be some pink sprinkles around."  

"I'm a perfectionist and I have high standards for things and I want everything to be perfect for not just me and Tarek, but everyone in our wedding and our moms and our sisters and the kids and, I want everyone to feel special, not just me," she added. "Everyone's like, 'It's about you!' I'm like no, it's not, it's about all of us. This is a day for our whole family and our best friends."  

As for what they'll come home to after their big day, Heather told ET that she and Tarek wanted their home "to feel very sexy."

"All the curtains are velvet, the headboard is velvet, our bedspread is velvet," she said of their go-to material in the house.

The 3,000 square foot home also features a $30,000 closet redo -- that's still too small for all of the couple's clothes -- as well as a heated and singing toilet seat, and a tricked-out roof, which they're still working to complete.

"That really made us fall in love with this house," Heather said, with Tarek adding that the space will feature a fire pit, a fireplace, a jacuzzi, TVs and a covered patio.

"It's going to look like a backyard but it's on a rooftop," Heather said of the space.

Watch the video below for more on the couple.


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