Taylor Swift Gets Into a Fight With Andy Samberg, Reveals Hilarious Nicknames for Her Cat Olivia in New Videos

Taylor Swift in new commercial

Looks like the "old Taylor Swift" is still here after all.

The 27-year-old singer dropped three new videos on Thursday, promoting her video experience for fans on AT&T called Taylor Swift NOW. The ad is classic Swift -- poking fun at her cat-loving, relatable girl ways -- as cameras follow the singer on a "typical" day, along with a voiceover explaining her every move. The day includes playing with her cat, Olivia Benson, looking up random YouTube videos, eating kale and rice bowls, and later, cookie dough straight out of the tub. During one scene, she ends up hilariously randomly fighting Andy Samberg, which ends with her kicking him through a wall.

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Swift also shared two behind-the-scenes videos of herself filming the commercial on Instagram. In the first video, she jokes about actually eating the prop food.

"Such a taxing day when they're like 'eat some cookie dough' and you're like 'ok I'll make this sacrifice for my art,'" she wrote.

In the second bonus from the ad, she reveals her hilarious nicknames for her beloved cat, Olivia, which includes "sabertooth tiger cub," "baby wolverine, "princess of meow town," "melting snowman," "unicorn kitty cub" and "magical pegasus."

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Earlier this week, a source told ET that Swift be performing at the College Football National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, on Jan. 8, 2018, after debuting her second song off Reputation -- "...Ready for It?" -- during the college football game between Alabama and Florida State last Saturday. However, ESPN told ET that reports of Swift performing at the College Football Playoff National Championship are "inaccurate" and that "there is nothing more to announce at this time." 

Watch below: