Taylor Swift's Tour Update Gets Interrupted by Kisses From Her Mom's Dog -- See the Pics!

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The 'Delicate' superstar is readying to go on her 'Reputation Stadium Tour' in just 12 days.

Taylor Swift had an important message for her fans about her upcoming Reputation Stadium Tour, which kicks off in just 12 days.

Unfortunately, her mom's massive dog had other ideas, as it adorably ambushes her with a barrage of wet kisses in a hilarious Instagram story the 28-year-old superstar posted on Thursday. The post, titled "12 DAYS TIL TOUR" starts out well enough, with Swift laying out her plans for what fans can expect.

"Hi. Twelve days 'till tour," she begins. "Basically, I was thinking maybe today I'd tell you a little bit about the stages that you're gonna -- hi, mom."

Cue the dog, a Great Dane named -- appropriately -- Kitty.

"Oh God, it's not a chew toy, it's my face!" Swift pleads with "My mom's dog kitty," as she calls it in the video.

Taylor Swift/Instagram
Taylor Swift/Instagram

Fortunately, Swift managed to extract herself from Kitty's loving embrace and provide her 12-day update for fans, which sounds pretty cool.

"So, on the tour, there will be three stages," she finally explained. "The reason why I want there to be three is because I want to be able to get as close to you as possible and see you guys."

Swift then promised to have yet another update -- the aptly named "11-Day Update" -- tomorrow.

Hopefully with another cameo from Kitty.

For more on her upcoming tour, watch the video below.