Tayshia Adams on How She and Zac Overcame Their Early Struggles to Build a 'Firm Foundation' (Exclusive) 

The former 'Bachelorette' is thanking her 'lucky stars' a month after her engagement aired on TV.

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are making their relationship work. It's been just over a month after their engagement aired on the season finale of The Bachelorette, and as Tayshia told ET's Lauren Zima on Tuesday, she's still "thanking my lucky stars." 

"Like any relationship, we have had struggles," Tayshia noted. "We just went from living apart -- him in New York and me in Orange County --  to me moving in, basically, on top of each other in a New York City apartment. And I am just like, 'Hi, I can't go anywhere. This is home.'"

"It's very different than what I am used to, but fights don't actually have to last six or eight hours or go to the next day," she shared, praising Zac's maturity. "And I think that is one lesson I have learned more so recently that I am really thanking my lucky stars for."

The Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast host moved into Zac's place days after their finale aired in December, explaining that she wanted to build a "home base" together. 

"My family is still down here [in Southern California] and I have a place of my own... but I really want a firm foundation in something. And I feel like New York might be it," she said.

"Zac has a really established business out there, and he is doing so much good that I really couldn't sleep at night knowing that I would be keeping him away from doing that," she said of Zac, who founded Release Recovery in 2017. "But also I have been wanting to move to New York forever, so this is kind of like, the perfect storm." 

Fans learned about Zac's dedication to his recovery center and past struggle with addiction on Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette, which showcased other important conversations about mental health and race. 
"I am so proud that I feel like the franchise is really progressing. I mean slowly, but surely," said Tayshia, who was the first Black and Latina Bachelorette. "But at the same time, we're moving up and I think that they're doing a really good job highlighting everybody's story. And I think that we're going in the right direction." 

Tayshia and her Click Bait co-hosts "Grocery Store" Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker dish on the biggest stories -- Bachelor and otherwise -- on the podcast. 

"It's been so much fun," Tayshia raved. "... We divulge in the juiciest headlines, and we try to give you our opinions about everything and also try to spill a little bit of tea in Bachelor Nation." 

The former phlebotomist's relationship advice is much less dramatic. "When the going gets tough, keep going and just follow your heart and just enjoy your relationship, be happy," she said. 

Tayshia co-hosted Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight -- tune into the episode for more. Check your local listings. 


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