Teddi Mellencamp Reacts to Dorit Kemsley’s Odd Behavior on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ (Exclusive)

The newest Bravo-lebrity explains to ET what exactly went down on last week’s episode and what’s still to come on season eight of ‘RHOBH.’

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is still adjusting to her life as a Real Housewife.

“There's highs and lows,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells ET. “But isn't that life? I'm learning a lot about myself. I get very in my head ... it plays out on camera. When people are talking, you can see me actually processing what they're saying and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh! Stop making those faces, Teddi! What are you doing? They can see you making those faces.’”

Yes, Teddi has had to adjust to a lot of big personalities. Fans already saw her on somewhat shaky ground with Erika Girardi -- and this week, there’s some awkwardness when Dorit Kemsley basically stands up the accountability couch at a drinks date.

“As the season progresses, you're gonna see a lot of different shifts in a lot of different relationships,” Teddi teases. “I was probably a little bit uneasy at first. I like to kind of, take a step back and kind of process things.”

Teddi flat out admitted to processing things in the moment on last week’s episode, when Kyle Richards’ dinner party went off the rails. The alcohol was flowing and so was the word vomit, courtesy of Dorit. At one point, Teddi blurted out, “You're frightening. What is happening? I'm coming in late” to Dorit. After that, Dorit shouted, “You’re a stupid c**t,” at Camille Grammer out of nowhere.

“It was a long night, we all had a bunch to drink,” Teddi explains. “I do remember getting in the car at the end of the night and being like, 'Phew, we made it through. Barely! That was a rough one.’”

Like all incidents on Housewives, Dorit’s bizarre behavior won’t be left at that dinner party, though Teddi says viewers have to stay tuned to see where that conversation goes. Some other comments that Dorit and her husband, PK, made will also come back to haunt them, specifically them referring to Lisa Rinna as “schizophrenic.” When the season eight trailer dropped, it appeared Teddi was the one making that claim, but in reality, she was just repeating Dorit and PK.

Teddi says she doesn’t necessarily feel “vindicated” now that viewers know she’s not the one who made those claims, because she has empathy for both Dorit and Lisa in the situation.

“I like Lisa Rinna,” she shares. “She's been fun. We have fun together … every time that I spend time with Lisa Rinna, she's down to earth and we kind of have the same, I don't know, we have a good banter.”

The 36-year-old says her favorite part of Real Housewives was getting to know the women, some better than others.

“There's such a big dynamic of strong women in this group that no matter what, whether you like it or not, you're learning something from somebody,” she says. “I hadn't watched the show prior to joining the group … I really had no idea what to expect. I went in with zero expectations. And I think some of the women were so welcoming and fun. And I don't know that I expected that.”

Teddi namechecks Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle as the two who really welcomed her to the group and watched out for her in her tougher moments. There are still tears to come this season from Teddi.

“I had let my guard down and, you know, then one of the women came up and there we go,” Teddi previews of the moment, first seen in the season eight first look.

“There were moments throughout this where I felt like, I'm just gonna fully pull away because if I push myself in I might get a little jab and I don't like that,” she adds. “I don’t want to jab somebody.”

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