Teri Hatcher and James Denton on Their Special Chemistry, Reuniting After 'Desperate Housewives' (Exclusive)

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Teri Hatcher and James Denton are happy to be onscreen together once more! ET spoke to the actors on the set of Fox's Fantasy Island, where they're giving fans the Desperate Housewives reunion of their dreams.

"I love working with you," Hatcher told Denton during an interview with ET. "It's just effortless and fun and really special."

"When you hire us," Denton added, "you kind of get all this bonus, added chemistry."

The stars played married couple Susan and Mike on Desperate Housewives, but their loving relationship ended in tragedy when Mike was shot and killed. That's one reason why, Hatcher said, her and Denton's Fantasy Island stint is "great for the fans."

"The fans of Desperate Housewives always got jipped out of us having a happily ever after," she said. "This will be our third time on television getting married."

This time, Hatcher and Denton play a married couple who comes to Fantasy Island to decide if they should spend their golden years together.

"The island gives us a test to let us know the answer," Hatcher teased of the episode -- before Denton joked that this show is "a little more fun" for his character than Desperate Housewives was.

"They're both good shows," Hatcher chimed in, quipping, "Go binge Housewives and watch this too."

When ET spoke to the pair in November, as they prepared to reunite to co-star in a Hallmark Christmas movie, Hatcher and Denton opened up about the bond they formed on Desperate Housewives.

"When you pretty much meet somebody naked in the bushes... you're in for life!" Hatcher quipped, of an iconic scene between Susan and Mike on the ABC series.

"There is a lot of truth in that, 'cause you have to trust people. That show was such a big cast and people always ask about all the different people and I luckily spent 80 percent of my time with just [Teri]," Denton agreed. "... It's much more intimate than you would think on a show with a big cast, so you have to trust each other."

As for if Desperate Housewives could come back for a reboot, Hatcher noted that "if there was a reunion, [Denton] wouldn't be in it, unfortunately," due to his character's death.

"When they started talking about the reboots, I'm like, 'But wait a minute, I'm dead. There's nothing in it for me!'" Denton joked, before Hatcher revealed her plot to have Denton in any future reboot of the show.

"My secret way to fix that, my secret fantasy, is that because Susan lost the love of her life and she drove off into the sunset that she becomes really successful... and she gets the best technology people ever to build a Mike robot," she said. "... So that's my pitch for the reboot."

As for what Denton thought of that plan, he confidently told ET, "Count me in."

Fantasy Island airs Mondays on Fox.


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