Tessa Thompson Is Ready to Play Batman After Fan's Hilarious Pitch

Tessa Thompson at 2018 Sundance
Lily Lawrence/Getty Images for The Blackhouse Foundation at Sundance 2018

The actress tweeted "Let’s do thissss" after a fan posted her epic 'Batman' idea on Twitter in response to a question from her boyfriend.

A Twitter user's Batman fantasy got some support from a real-life superhero, when Thor: Ragnarok actress Tessa Thompson gave her official blessing.

Alexis Nedd, an editor at Cosmopolitan, posted a hilarious response to her boyfriend's question about what her perfect Batman movie would be. What followed was a stream-of-conscious plot outline with Tessa Thompson donning the Dark Knight's costume after accidentally killing the real Batman in a gritty homage to -- somehow -- The Santa Clause.

"My boyfriend made the mistake of asking me what my perfect batman movie would be and the real question is why aren't i already writing batman movies," Nedd wrote on Twitter, followed by a screenshot of the epic text message to her boyfriend. "Oh my perfect batman movie is the santa clause with the batsuit where a young black woman, maybe played by tessa thompson, accidentally kills batman and receives a message to put on the suit."

Thompson, who already played the badass Valkyrie in Thor, responded enthusiastically.

"Let’s do thissss @SterlingKBrown," Thompson replied, calling out the actor, best known for his role as Christopher Darden in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story and Randall Pearson on This Is Us.

Don't take that as some sort of a green light for a brand new Batman project, however. Thompson clarified that she mostly just wants to work with Brown.

Current Batman star Ben Affleck probably shouldn't feel too threatened. Yet.

Still, a fan can dream.

See Thompson's take on representation in film in the video below.