Thandie Newton Says 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer 'Tells You a Lot' About Her Character (Exclusive)

Little is known about the actress’ role in the upcoming prequel, set for release this summer.

Alert all commands: Thandie Newton is dropping some hints about her mysterious Solo: A Star Wars Story character!

“I think that the clip that you see [in the trailer], even though it’s really brief, tells you a lot,” she teases. “You know, there she is holding what looks like a weapon, and in a state of natural empowerment. You know, both the way she looks and her attitude. I loved playing the character. Loved it.”

Little is known about Newton’s part in the upcoming prequel, other than the brief clip -- literally, it’s one second long -- in the trailer, released back in February, and the fact that her name appears to be Val.

“[I] loved playing the character,” she reiterates, “Loved the team that we started with, and then the team we went onto have with Ron Howard. I loved all the directors that we had … on the movie, and it was a privilege, and I just adored working with Woody Harrelson. I just had so much fun.”

Several months into filming Solo, set for release on May 25, Howard stepped in to replace original directing team Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. That duo was fired from the project due to “creative differences” with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, but they will receive executive producing credit on the film.

Now, before Newton heads to a galaxy far, far away, she’s headed back to the Wild, Wild West for Westworld season two. The series returns to HBO on April 22, and Newton promises fans it’s well worth the wait.

“I was completely shellshocked,” she recalls of reading the first script for season two. “It was absolutely not what I thought was gonna happen … I did have a sense, because of where we left in season one, I just assumed it would be a kinda direct continuation, and it is nuts! Nuts.”

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