The 15 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

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Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy
Amazon Prime Video

From 'Coming 2 America' to classics such as 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' these are the best movies to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms.

The pressure to find a good new movie to watch has never been higher, since every night has the potential to be a “movie night in.” Resist the urge to fall back into the same old comfort binge-watches by exploring the best movies on Amazon Video. Whether you’re in the mood to see some classic Hollywood faces on your screen like Audrey Hepburn and Robin Williams, or want to delight in a new rom-com crush (*ahem* Kyle Allen and Tessa Thompson), Amazon Prime has it all. Who can resist the highly-anticipated Coming To America sequel? If there’s one good thing to come out of this pandemic, at the very least it’s an Eddie Murphy movie.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re ready to click on over and stream these films right now. If not, you can start watching today by signing up for a free trial of Prime. Kick-off your new subscription with a 30-day free trial. Then pay only $8.99 a month for Prime Video, or $12.99 a month/$119 a year for a full Prime membership that includes a variety of benefits in addition to access to all your new favorite flicks that you’ll want to cross off your list immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Start streaming now!

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Look no further for your new favorite coming of age romance flick. This Ian Samuels film channels Groundhog Day and Palm Springs when two teens find themselves stuck in a temporal loop. In classic rom-com fashion, Mark (Kyle Allen) and Margaret (Kathryn Newton) will have you laughing, crying and swooning through it all.

Promising Young Woman

You do not want to miss Promising Young Woman. Cassie (played by Carey Mulligan) spends her evenings at nightclubs and bars, but not to dance the night away. Each night she’s on the hunt for vengeance fueled by past trauma. Nominated for four Golden Globe awards, this movie delivers a riveting story while giving you messages to think about long after the credits have rolled. The film is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.  

I See You

Buckle up for this psychological thriller that takes you down unexpected twists and turns when a young boy is seemingly snatched out of thin air. Helen Hunt stars as Jackie Harper, wife of the lead investigator for the case of the missing boy. As eerie occurrences take place across town, she begins to wonder if the scariest things are really lurking within her home. Warning: Your head will spin.

I See You

I See You
Paramount Pictures

Coming 2 America

The movie we have all been waiting for is here. Almost 33 years later, Coming to America has released the highly anticipated, belly-shaking sequel. The debut was made that much more special when we learned that Eddie Murphy stars alongside his 19-year-old daughter, Bella Murphy, who plays the middle child of King Akeem Joffer. Take this as your sign to host an Eddie Murphy movie night and indulge in some of his other noteworthy films.

Sound of Metal

Metal drummer and addict Ruben is faced with the harsh reality of a new life when he learns that he is quickly losing his hearing. Played by Golden Globe nominee Riz Ahmed, the film follows Ruben as his girlfriend checks him into a rehab center for the deaf and hard of hearing where he must decide how he wants to live a life beyond his band.

Sylvie's Love

Do you believe in soulmates? You just might after watching Sylvie’s love story unfold. While waiting for her fiancé to return home from war, Sylvie (played by Tessa Thompson) falls hard for a saxophonist, Robert (played by Nnamdi Asomugha), who is working part-time at her father’s record store. Forced to go their separate ways as Robert follows his dreams, it feels as though their paths will never cross again until they are reunited by chance years later. 


Dive into the ups and downs of Old-Hollywood icon Judy Garland’s life as she embarks on another tour to keep her finances afloat. The biopic focuses on Garland, played by Renee Zellweger, who finds herself performing sold-out shows at the popular London nightclub, Talk of the Town. Almost 30 years post-The Wizard of Oz, Garland struggles with past trauma and being far from her children.

Some Kind of Heaven

In a private oasis in Central Florida, filmmaker Lance Oppenheim draws viewers into an idyllic retirement community called The Villages that is large enough to compete with the population of New Haven, CT. But everything is not what it seems. The film is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video. 

Knives Out

Akin to a game of Clue brought to life, Knives Out is the perfect PG-13 mystery film that the whole family can enjoy. With star-studded scenes starring Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you won’t be bored. Bonus points to whoever guesses the killer ahead of the film’s reveal.

High Life

Put on your Apple Watch, FitBit or keep your pulse in check, because High Life will have your heart rate going through the roof. Robert Pattison stars in this suspense-filled sci-fi  film focused on Monte (Pattison) and his daughter who are the last two survivors on a spaceship hurtling towards a black hole.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Some nights are meant to indulge in a classic film like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly in her most iconic film, where she falls for her new next-door neighbor, the self-proclaimed writer, Paul Varjack. You may be especially subject to croissants and cats named Cat after indulging in this Hollywood masterpiece. 

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Jimmie Fails plays himself in this true story and beautiful exploration of what “home” means as a Black man in a gentrified city. Fails spent his childhood in the San Francisco home originally built by his grandfather until he and his father were displaced by rising expenses. Now, years later, he embarks on a journey with his best friend, Mont, determined to find the home again.


Escaping life with her abusive husband, single-mother Sandra (played by Clare Dunne) finds herself in a never-ending cycle of unstable housing for her and her two children. This film brings to life the saying that “it takes a village” as she gets support from many people in her community to help create a new life for herself and her daughters while re-discovering who she truly is.

Dead Poets Society

If you missed this film in your high-school literature class, now’s your chance to indulge in a Robin Williams classic. Dead Poets Society focuses on the tale of teacher John Keating, played by Williams, who works endlessly to inspire his students. Keating helps his students realize their full potential outside of pressures from their parents and their all-boys preparatory school.

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Train to Busan

We’ll leave you with a horror film sure to inflict a nightmare or two on the faint of heart. When fund manager Seo Seok-woo agrees to take his daughter on a birthday trip to visit his estranged ex-wife, Na-young, the last thing he expects to face is a train full of flesh-eating zombies. While journeying to Busan, South Korea, they find themselves fighting for their lives in a race against the quickly encroaching epidemic. The film is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video. Sweet dreams!

Train to Busan

Train to Busan
Well Go USA Entertainment