'The Bachelor': Arie Luyendyk Jr. Shares Emotional Bombshell From His Past


Arie Luyendyk Jr. is finally opening up. 

Monday's episode of The Bachelor showed fans a different, more vulnerable side to Arie when he emotionally revealed that years ago, prior his 2012 appearance on The Bachelorette, an ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child before suffering a miscarriage. 

Luyendyk shared the bombshell during his one-on-one date with Lauren B., who was clearly having trouble trusting him until he let his own walls down.

"I feel like I can't open up until I trust someone," she said after the pair's awkward date walking around Paris, France. 


"I've had that too," Arie admitted. "My most serious relationship was with someone who had two kids, and we lived together. We were together for a few years, and she was actually pregnant with my child." 

"I thought... this was meant to be... but I was still traveling for racing, so that was a point of contention. She called me because I was out of town. She said, 'I lost the baby, and when you come home, I won't be here,'" he continued. "I thought that she was overreacting. It was terrible. That definitely hit me hard, and I can understand how it's hard to trust somebody, but without trust, it's hard to build." 

Arie's confession came at the beginning of the episode, but he wasn't done with the revelations. After giving Bekah the rose on the burlesque group date (no surprise there), Arie went off on his two-on-one with Kendall and Krystal -- where this season's villain finally made her exit. Arie decided the drama with Krystal just wasn't worth it (honestly, she spent more time talking about and with Kendall than she did with Arie) and sent her packing. 

Fast-forward through Jacqueline's one-on-one date (sorry, girl) and the rose ceremony (au revoir, Jenna and Chelsea), and the Bachelor BROUGHT. THE. DRAMA. as we got a sneak peek at what comes next. 

There was Lauren B. crying to a producer about how she's "getting pissed off by this whole thing" and "terrified that he's going to pick someone else," more people crying in Tuscany.... and then Becca crying on a gray couch, Arie looking pensive on a gray couch while presumably Becca cries off-camera, and us not looking surprised that this season might not have a happy ending. 

We'll always have Paris -- and Bachelor Winter Games! See what Ben Higgins told ET about the show in the video below. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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