'The Bachelor' Fans React to Chris Harrison Controversy, Heather Martin's Absence on 'Women's Tell All' & More

'Bachelor' viewers had a lot of feelings and strong opinions about Monday's 'Women Tell All' special.

The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" episode brought some old and new tensions to the forefront on Monday. From Chris Harrison's appearance to a surprisingly candid confrontation between two contestants, and Heather Martin's absence, the special left fans with a lot to talk about on social media.

The show kicked off with a disclaimer, explaining why Chris was hosting the episode after he previously announced that he would be stepping back following his controversial remarks about racism accusations against Rachael Kirkconnell back in February.

As Chris welcomed viewers to the special with a smile, text appeared onscreen that read, "Previously recorded on February 4, 2021."

This struck many viewers, who took to Twitter to comment on Chris' involvement, and expressed how some of his jokes and remarks are now unintentionally ironic or have not aged well.

This was especially true when it came to Chris' farewell at the end of the episode, when he said -- in reference to the coronavirus lockdowns -- "Hopefully soon, we'll all be together again."

People couldn't help but also take to social media to talk about how they believed Heather was edited out of the special. Heather competed on Colton Underwood's season and made an appearance during Matt's time as Bachelor after her best friend and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown said they would be a "perfect match."

Matt ultimately told her that it was too late for her to compete, and sent her home. But eagle-eye fans spotted the blonde in the crowd, even though she was never given any air time.

Another highlight came when Brittany confronted Anna over the drama that began when Anna publicly accused her of being an escort on the show.

Anna went on to apologize, and to say that she was acting out due to her own insecurity. Some fans didn't feel she was genuine with her apology, and made it clear that they still hadn't moved past her actions.

Some fans, however, had a hard time moving past a remark Anna made when she said that Chicago -- where both she and Brittany hail from -- is "a small town."

Meanwhile, as ABC and the show's producers are still reeling from the fallout over the ongoing controversy surrounding this season, there's no clear choice for the next Bachelorette.

It was believed that Katie would be the heir apparent, but it seems that things have changed behind-the-scenes, and fans have a lot of suggestions for who should helm the next season of that particular Bachelor Nation franchise -- with the most popular candidates being Katie, Abigail and Serena P.

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