'The Bachelor' Finale: Rachel Asks Clayton If He Said 'I Love You' To Sleep With Her

The pair spoke during Tuesday's live finale.

Rachel has no remaining feelings for Clayton. On Tuesday night's finale of The Bachelor, Rachel reunited with this season's leading man for the first time since he sent her home in Iceland.

On part one of the show's season finale, Clayton confessed that he had expressed feelings of love to each of his final three women, and said that he had been intimate with both Gabby and Rachel.

Rachel decided to stay and meet Clayton's family, despite feeling some lingering uncertainty. All seemed well when she won over those closest to him, but Clayton was still wondering what could have been with Susie, who departed the show after learning the extent of his feelings for and intimacy with the other two women.

Susie did agree to meet with Clayton, and while she was thinking things over, he decided to end things with both Gabby and Rachel, and tell them both at the same time.

On Tuesday night's episode, Rachel bashed Clayton for handling things the way that he did.

"What you put us through at the rose ceremony, me choosing to stand there, and you told me that you were willing to move forward, to fight for this, and that moving forward would make us stronger, and I believed you," she said. "I continued to fight for you with your parents when I was heartbroken, telling them how much I love you. When you put me in this car today, I’m not going to stop loving you... This is going to haunt you, the fact that you let me go."

Rachel continued her criticism, telling Clayton, "I fought for this every single day and you never once fought for me."

He pushed back on that claim, and told her, "I won’t take back anything that we had... I fought as hard as I could before I realized my heart wasn’t going to allow me to go anywhere else."

As he walked out to the car, Rachel exclaimed, "You gave up. I never gave up." In the car, Rachel appeared crushed over Clayton's seemingly emotionless reaction to their split.

"He didn’t even shed a tear. He didn’t even cry," she said through sobs. "... He was never in love with me. I’m so heartbroken, but at least I have an answer." 

During the live portion of the episode, Rachel opened up about feeling "completely blindsided" by Clayton's behavior, and the "complete disrespect" he showed to both her and Gabby.

"Watching myself it feels like almost an out of body experience," she admitted. "... I do not have feelings for him anymore. Watching him completely disrespect Gabby and I... I don’t feel like it’s possible for me to watch that back and feel like someone who’d act like that could actually love me." 

While Rachel questioned if Clayton "deserved" to speak to her, she told host Jesse Palmer that she did want "the chance to speak up for myself because I couldn’t before." 

When Clayton came out on stage, Rachel remained cold, bashing him for how he made her "collateral damage" as he went on "the most completely selfish journey" that lacked "empathy."

Clayton apologized, largely for making "assumptions" amid his journey for love, but it all fell on deaf ears.

"I just don’t believe you," she said. "... Watching it back it, was almost as if you casted us aside as quickly as you could in order to get to the one you love the most." 

After Clayton made more apologies to Rachel, she had just one more question for him: "Did you tell me that you were in love with me because you wanted to sleep with me?"

"No," he insisted. "I felt those feelings for you then." 

"I just don’t believe you," she replied.

While things didn't end on good terms between the pair, both are looking forward to happier days ahead.

Following the show, Clayton reunited with Susie after she initially rejected him in Iceland. The pair are happy and in love today. As for Rachel, she was named co-Bachelorette along with Gabby, and their dual season is set to premiere this summer.