'The Bachelor': Matt James Splits With One Woman After She Calls Their Fantasy Suite Date 'Life-Changing'

The Bachelor has chosen his final two women.

Matt James has chosen his final two women. During Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, Matt had Fantasy Suite dates with Michelle, Bri and Rachael, all of whom professed their love to him.

Though Matt said the decision about who to send home was "the hardest" one he's had to make yet, he was confident in his choice.

"Everyone who’s here, I could see being my wife. But I just know what I have to do and it just hurts my heart," he said before handing out the roses. "Ultimately, someone’s going to go home brokenhearted. There’s nothing any of these women have done to deserve that."

After awarding the first rose to Michelle and the second to Rachael, it was Bri who was sent home. Matt's decision was a shock to her, as she'd told Matt during their date that she was "100 percent ready for an engagement."

After their date, Bri told the cameras that her night with Matt had been "life-changing" and said that she was "in a state of pure bliss."

Though Matt said earlier in the episode that his connection with Bri was "undeniable," in the end, their relationship wasn't as far along as his with Michelle and Rachael. 

"There wasn’t something that came up this week. That’s what makes this so hard. It would’ve been easy if I could point to one thing and say that’s why," Matt told Bri after the rose ceremony. "It’s just a feeling that you have when you’re with somebody."

"It’s nothing to do with you, and who you are, and how incredible you are, and everything to do with where my heart’s leading," he added.

Bri cried while listening to Matt, telling him, "I can’t be angry, but I can be really sad, and disappointed, and hurt, but none of that’s at you." 

"Obviously, I gave up a lot to be here. It is hard to think about not being able to see you again, but I think that’s just how this goes," she said. "You are going to be moving on to someone else and I think that’s what makes it harder."

After hugging and saying their goodbyes, Bri further opened up to the cameras as she drove away.

"It’s really disappointing and sad that it wasn’t me. It’s hard ‘cause what I thought we had was special, but it couldn’t have all been for nothing. It really couldn’t have been," she said. "I mean, I wish I were standing up there still."

With Matt down to his final two women, next week's finale is set to be as dramatic as they come. The preview shows Matt having difficult conversations with his mom, and, like both of the women who remain, breaking down emotionally over the choice he must now make.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.