'The Bachelor' Preview: Zach Implements a 'No Sex' Rule During Fantasy Suite Week

The tech executive doesn't plan to take his relationships to the next level during the pivotal week.

Fantasy Suites are going to look a little different this season. At the end of Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, fans got a peek at the drama ahead, including the week where Zach Shallcross and his final three women will get the chance to spend a night totally alone.

Before fans look ahead to Fantasy Suites, though, more of the journey is set to unfold. Next week, the group will head to Budapest, Hungary, where Zach will decide which four hometowns he'll visit.

"I've got strong feelings for all of these women," Zach admits to the cameras, before reuniting with Greer, who's been absent since testing positive due to COVID-19.

While Gabi reveals that she's ready to introduce the tech executive to her family, Kat and Charity seem to be questioning things, with the former struggling with "uncertainty" and the latter telling Zach, "It's sometimes hard for me to trust that I'm making the right choices." Something must not go right, as Zach is seen breaking down in dramatic fashion.

After Hometowns, when the Fantasy Suites do roll around, Zach drops a bombshell on host Jesse Palmer.

"This week is viewed as 'sex week,'" Zach says. "As against the grain as it might seem for Fantasy Suite or overnight night suite, no sex."

It's unclear if the Bachelor follows his own rules, as he tells the camera that a night alone with one woman is "an act of love, not lust."

"I could lose a lot of women from this," Zach says, as said women are seen sobbing. "It was a beautiful moment. Feels robbed."

When ET spoke to Zach about the journey ahead, he admitted that the "emotional season" has been "very overwhelming at times." Jesse, though, told ET that Zach has been "so authentic" through it all.

"I'm excited that people have gotten to watch him this season, because they're learning a lot about him and they're seeing who he truly is. I can tell you, Zach is... the same guy he is that you see on television," Jesse said. "Zach is mature beyond his years. He is an emotional guy. He wears it on his sleeve. Zach can make decisions. He can make tough decisions. He can make them by himself. He can make them quickly. Cares about the women, cares about his time with them. He's very intentional."

"You can say whatever you want to say about Zach, but I think people are figuring out now why he is the Bachelor. He's been amazing, in my opinion," Jesse added. "He was perfect to do this. He has all the qualities you need and I think people are going to continue to see that as the season unfolds."

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC. Stay up to date on all the drama with ET's coverage of Zach Shallcross' journey for love.



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