'The Bachelor': The Women React to Accusations That Anastasia Had a Boyfriend While on the Show (Exclusive)

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Brooklyn told ET that the claims were news to her.

The women of The Bachelor are speaking out amid allegations against one of their own. On Tuesday night's "Women Tell All" episode, Cat accused Anastasia of having a boyfriend while she was vying for Zach Shallcross' heart, something Anastasia denied.

Speaking to ET after the shocking accusation, Aly wholeheartedly defended Anastasia.

"She's my girl," Aly said of Anastasia. "We clicked from the moment that we came into the house and we became close friends. Anytime one of your girls hurt, you hurt. I didn't love hearing people talk negatively about her. She is a badass woman."

Kat, likewise, spoke out against how Cat and others were "just saying random things about other women that really just had no context behind it."

"The stuff that was being expressed about Anastasia, I don't believe that's true," she said." It just really came out of left field. We're a season where we're all so supportive, and none of us are mean girls, but that was just not OK behavior."

Brooklyn agreed, telling ET, "When the accusations of Anastasia having a boyfriend came out, I was like, 'That's news to me.'"

"Some of the other accusations throughout the season, I was like, 'Eh, OK, I believe it. I saw it.' But then that one I was like, 'Oh, surprised,'" she said. "That one just continuing to be driven home was, 'Wow, what a night.'" 

Anastasia having a boyfriend wasn't the only thing she was accused of. On Tuesday night, Viktoria claimed that Anastasia said she was "only going on the show as a business opportunity," allegations that were first leveled against the content marketing manager during the season. Anastasia denied the claims both times they were made.

"She has gone through and done so many things in her career that has allowed her to progress as an e-commerce manager and being deep into marketing, things that I can't even imagine how she gets done," Aly told ET in Anastasia's defense. "And so to see that almost be weaponized and used against her, it's hurtful and it's sad... It's OK to have a career and have love, and her career just happens to be in social media and that's just a taboo thing when it comes to finding love on reality TV."

"I think that she's doing great things, and all the things that she did were things before the show even happened. She created her own platform on her own. I'm excited for people to hear everything that she has to say about that," she added. "Just because she built that on her own, has nothing to actually do with Zach or the show, it's just who she was. People weaponized that against her, so I'm hopeful that people will see her in a different light after this, in a positive light."

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