'The Bachelor': Why the Allegations Against Anastasia Are Zach's 'Nightmare'

Monday's night episode saw multiple girls level accusations against the content marketing manager.

Zach Shallcross is facing his "nightmare" scenario. On Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, the tech executive was hit with accusations that one of his women was on the show to expand her social media following.

It all played out during the week's group date, which saw Zach and several of his women have a Bahamas beach party. While all was well initially, tensions grew when Anastasia snagged Zach during what was supposed to be group time.

Kylee in particular wasn't having it, and opted to interrupt the pair, but Anastasia wouldn't go quietly. The two women went back and forth for a minute, before Kylee said, "I don't want to fight," which prompted Anastasia to leave. When Anastasia made her way back to the group, she made it seem as if Kylee threatened to physically fight her, and told several ladies that the comment "scared" her.

Though Kylee debated not telling Zach about the situation, she eventually did. It was during that conversation that Kylee revealed she heard Anastasia discussing her Instagram followers, something Charity confirmed in her own conversation with Zach. "That is my nightmare," he said in response. Zach previously revealed that falling for someone with ulterior motives and being "fooled" by them is his biggest fear.

Zach was determined to get to the bottom of it and quickly pulled Anastasia to ask her, "Are you really here for me?" Anastasia said that she was and further claimed that she was "shocked" by the allegations leveled against her. As for where it came from, Anastasia admitted that she'd talked to the girls about brands she's worked with in the past, but said the conversation "was twisted in a negative way." 

More details about Anastasia's alleged comments came to light shortly thereafter, when Kylee claimed the other woman had said the 14 remaining competitors would get 50,000 followers when the show aired. Anastasia said it was all "taken out of context," before tearfully telling the cameras that the situation had "destroyed" her.

Later, at the cocktail party, Anastasia once again defended herself to Zach, but he ultimately decided to send her home.

"I don't get it. I don't understand where this could have come from. I'm just upset about everything I gave up to be here and then to just be completely manipulated and lied about is really disrespectful and disappointing," Anastasia said as she was driven away. "... These are amazing women, but be careful who you're getting your information from because those people are literally bold face lying."

The drama left Kylee fearing that she'd wind up as "collateral damage" and she even considered going home ahead of the rose ceremony, but she stuck it out and was given a rose.

Elsewhere on the episode, during the first one-on-one date, Kat and Zach enjoyed a boat ride and snorkeling, before sitting down for a romantic meal together. It was during the nighttime portion of the date that Kat revealed that she's struggled in her relationship with her mom and didn't live at home for a bit because it got so bad, all of which made her feel "unlovable." Zach assured Kat that she "deserves someone that will love you for you," before offering her the rose.

Then, Brooklyn and Zach had an adventurous one-on-one date, riding ATVs before enjoying a picnic on the beach. When they sat down for dinner later, Brooklyn opened up about her emotionally and physically abusive past relationship that left her feeling like "a shell of a person." Zach praised Brooklyn as being "so f**king tough," before offering her the rose.

Davia and Genevie weren't so lucky at the rose ceremony and were sent home. Afterward, the rest of the women learned they'd be traveling to London for the next phase of their adventure.

In the preview for next week's episode, host Jesse Palmer shocks the women with "some really bad news" that leaves many of them in tears. Zach is likewise emotional, appearing on a video call as he complains, "This week was robbed."

"The million-dollar question now is, 'What are we gonna do?" Jesse tells Zach, who tearfully replies, "Yeah."

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