'The Bachelor: Women Tell All': Genevieve Reacts to Shanae's Accusation That She Slept With Aaron Clancy

Genevieve denied Shanae's claim during the episode.

Genevieve is reacting to Shanae's shocking claim. ET spoke with the bartender after the taping of The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special, and Genevieve expressed disbelief over Shanae's accusation that she slept with Bachelorette alum Aaron after being sent home from Clayton's season.

Genevieve and Shanae were at odds all season long, and it culminated in a two-on-one date in which Shanae got sent home. During the special, Shanae said she was "grieving" after her elimination, adding that she couldn't sleep or eat, and lost weight as a result.

"And then when you get eliminated," Shanae said to Genevieve, "you go home and f**k Aaron from Katie [Thurston's] season."

"This is mind-blowing," Genevieve responded. "I met him at a bar. I didn’t even kiss him." 

In fact, Genevieve claimed, it was Shanae who'd been messaging Aaron, and she has the screenshots to prove it. "He goes, 'Is she really this bad?' And sent me a screenshot of all of your hearts replying to his messages," Genevieve told her. "He thinks you’re crazy, so stop."

When ET spoke with Genevieve, she reiterated, "The comment of me and Aaron... I mean, I can't even begin to explain how ridiculous that is. I don't even know."

As for the rest of the Shanae situation, in which she refused to apologize, said she would never own up to her actions, and wouldn't admit to lying, Genevieve had mixed feelings.

"Before [the taping] I was expecting that [watching herself back] maybe she would have some remorse or apologize," she admitted. "The fact that she did the absolute opposite of that, I was a little surprised, but not that surprised because it's her."

When it comes to Clayton, though, Genevieve, who went home after being unable to open up, has "no hard feelings" toward the Bachelor.

"We just didn't have time and we didn't get there, and he had stronger relationships with other people, and that is totally OK," she said. "I went there saying whatever is meant to be, will be, and that's just still what I believe. Even if it wasn't me. Yes, I hoped it would be my person, but it wasn't and that's totally OK."

The possibility of searching for her person as the Bachelorette is something that Genevieve told ET she's open to.

"It would be scary, but I mean, all I've wanted is a family and to be married and have kids, so if that's what it took, I would do it. There's really nothing that I would say no to at this point to find love, because that's all I want," she said. "I know that would be hard... to navigate all of that. It would be difficult, but I would be open to it, because I just want to find love and I feel like that is a good opportunity to do that."

Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC. The Fantasy Suites episode will air Tuesday, March 8. ET has got you covered throughout the entirety of Clayton's season with all of our Bachelor content.



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