'The Bachelor: Women Tell All': Teddi Reveals What Clayton's Brother DM'd Her (Exclusive)

Host Jesse Palmer revealed the shocking social media message during the special.

One of Clayton Echard's exes got a shocking social media message at the start of the season. During The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special on Monday, host Jesse Palmer revealed that one of Clayton's brothers DM'd Teddi when the show started airing.

"Clayton’s brother did reach out to me. I didn’t reply," Teddi explained during the episode. "I will say, I think one Echard boy in my lifetime was enough for me."

When ET spoke with Teddi after the taping, she gave more details about what went down with the other Echard brother.

"He followed me after all of the girls were announced for the season," Teddi said. "During the first episode, he reached out and DM'd me, and just basically said that he was excited to watch the show that night and his friends were trying to spoil it in another state."

Teddi noted that she "didn't reply" to the message, and that there has been "no communication" since then.

"It was a very harmless message," she said. "It's funny to message your brother's ex."

When it comes to her relationship with Clayton, Teddi said during "WTA" that "we both felt right away that this could really end in an engagement." That didn't happen, though, as Clayton sent her home before her hometown date.

"He was very validating. He made me feel like I was definitely going to be introducing him to my family. He said things that made me feel like I would be there till the end," she told ET. "...  I was very surprised. I thought, for sure, I would be there. I thought he was going to pick my name, so I kind of blacked out in that moment. I was very shocked."

In hindsight, though, Teddi believes that Clayton "is not my person."

"I feel OK with where things were at," she said. "... It was really good to see him. I think I was able to get closure on my own when I got home, but it was good to hear him also just validate our relationship and just get, maybe, that needed extra closure."

Though things didn't work out with Clayton, Teddi said during the episode that she feels "so open and ready for love now," adding, "I know I’m going to make an amazing wife one day, an amazing mother one day."

If the potential to get to that end came about by becoming the Bachelorette, Teddi told ET she'd be ready and willing.

"Whatever The Bachelor ever offers someone, I think you should take it. I do believe in this process. I do think that you can find your person," she said. "I think whoever is offered that role should think very much so into doing it. I think that they should, because I do think that this process could work if it's the right person."

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