'The Bachelorette': Charity Reacts to Aaron's Return, Teases 'Emotional Rollercoaster' Finale (Exclusive)

The Bachelorette has narrowed it down to her final three men.

Charity Lawson had a surprise visitor on Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette. After the leading lady pulled "the most absurd s**t" ever by sending Aaron packing after his Hometown date, she entered Fantasy Suite week with decision "weighing" on her.

Back in San Diego, Aaron was feeling it too, so he decided Charity was "worth fighting for" and hopped a plane to Fiji to win her back.

"I was shocked. Literally, so shocked. Did not expect that," Charity told ET's Denny Directo at the "Men Tell All" taping last month. "But I think it said a lot, obviously, that he was willing to [fight for me]... Hearing his heart and why he decided to come back really stood out to me. He's a fighter and he really cared a lot about me and wanting this. It's a lot with Aaron."

During their Fiji conversation, Aaron told Charity that her worry over whether or not she made the right decision left him "stuck in shock" and wanting him to know if she'd "been thinking about it as well."

Charity confessed that she had, and even admitted that she'd been falling in love with him when she sent him home.

Whether or not that'll be enough to give Aaron another shot remains to be seen, as the episode ended with Charity debating that notion in a confessional.

"[Last week] I was literally losing my mind because I did not want to say goodbye to this man. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I did send him home," she said. "I was like, 'Alright. I'm going to live with that. I'm gonna live with that forever.' But I just told him right now that I was falling in love with him. Or am? I don't know. You cannot shut off how you feel about someone... But the reality is it's not just me and Aaron."

Indeed it's not, as Aaron's appearance came at the end of a very dramatic week for Charity. After a perfect private island date with Xavier, things went downhill when the biomedical scientist confessed to cheating in his past relationship and admitted that he didn't fully trust himself not to do it again. That reveal prompted Charity to send him packing.

"I was trying to get him to understand, like, 'Do you hear what you're saying?'... I was losing it," he said. "... The fact that I'm like, 'OK, we're here now. I'm not faulting you for mistakes that you made in the past, but let's move on. Where are we at in this moment?' And the fact that you're here, a week away from a proposal, and you don't know if you can trust yourself? Let's leave. Let's get up."

Then Charity set off for her date with Joey. The pair had an ATV mishap, but salvaged the date with a walk together and a waterfall swim. It was during that portion of the date that Charity asked Joey about his uncle's assessment that he wasn't being himself during his Hometown date. While Joey admitted he was "uncomfortable" as he taught her to play tennis with his uncle watching on, he assured her it had nothing to do with her.

"I was so afraid about how I was going to look and I wanted you to have a good time. You've been doing so much for me and that was the first time I was doing something for you, so I think I felt a lot of pressure," Joey explained, before opening up about the pressure he puts on himself when he and Charity sat down for dinner.

"I know it can be tough to be a person in a relationship with me because it can almost maybe sometimes feel like it can be a rollercoaster, but it's just me," Joey told Charity, who responded in kind.

The pair went on to exchange "I love yous," before heading to the Fantasy Suite. The next morning Charity felt "blissful," while Joey noted, "Waking up next to Charity feels right. I could do that for the rest of my life for sure."

"Joey is just so genuine, so sweet and so sincere," Charity told ET of the tennis instructor. "He has this very calming presence and aura about him. When I'm with him time stands still it feels. Just everything about him is really good."

Also good is her connection to Dotun, with whom she set off on jet skiing adventure. During their day date, the pair marveled over how smooth sailing their courtship had been, before setting off on a romantic dinner date.

"It's scary how easy it is to say that I'm genuinely in love with you, Charity," Dotun confessed, prompting Charity to respond, "I am 100 percent in love with you."

With that, the pair headed to the Fantasy Suite, where Charity awoke the next morning on "cloud nine."

"At this point," Dotun told the cameras, "I'm just ready to move on and have a life with her." 

"Dotun is just someone that communicates to me when I'm with him [that] literally nothing else is going on. I think we're just so engulfed with each other," Charity told ET of the integrative medicine specialist. "His conversations is something for me that's stimulating. I crave more. I want to know more. I think that's an important element, the way that we just kind of both can challenge each other, but also contribute to each other's growth, which is a beautiful thing."

As for how Charity will make her ultimate choice, she warned viewers that they'll "want lots of tissues" when they tune in.

"It's gonna be an emotional ride, emotional rollercoaster that final week," she said. "But I will say as many tears as I shed, it was 100 percent all worth it. It's going to be so beautiful."

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