'The Bachelorette' Episode 2 Recap: Rachel and Gabby Team Up to Send One Guy Home

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Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia faced some unexpected drama during week two of The Bachelorette. After welcoming the most ever suitors into the mansion, the leading ladies wound up interested in the same guy, before having wildly different one-on-one experiences, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

A pageant featuring Speedos, talents and hard-to-answer questions kicked off the week, before a lucky few men were invited back to Gabby and Rachel's house for an after-party.

The women's first one-on-one dates followed, and while Gabby was left swooning over her man, Rachel was left wondering if love was in the cards for her at all.

Ahead of the first rose ceremony of the season, drama swirled when the women learned that one man already had Fantasy Suites on the brain -- and was making no secret of his intentions. After his early exit, Gabby and Rachel expertly led their first rose ceremony and looked forward to the journey ahead.

Keep reading for ET's recap of episode 2 of The Bachelorette.

Rachel and Gabby Have Their Eye on the Same Guy

Though Rachel and Gabby had initially planned to have a pool party with the guys, rain thwarted their efforts to see their suitors' six packs, so they changed course, instead giving the men 30 minutes to prepare for a pageant.

As the men donned Speedos and unabashedly gave the girls a look at the view, Gabby and Rachel peppered them with questions. They learned that Logan's exes would describe him as "stubborn, honest, kind," and that Johnny would kiss both of them if given the chance.

Others tried to impress with their talents, one man juggled, another did some yoga, and third showed off his basketball skills, and Meatball upped the ante by pouring marinara sauce all over himself.

In the end, it was Aven, Logan, Brandon, Jason, Johnny and Colin who earned invites to the after-party. Rachel was quickly let down at the nighttime event, when Jason revealed that he was there for Gabby. But things took a positive turn when Logan kissed her. Logan, however, went on to have a good chat with Gabby, leading both women to want to hand out their rose to him.

Rachel was honest about her feelings for Logan, telling Gabby that she had kissed him.

"My heart kind of dropped a little bit. I think that Logan is exploring both sides, which is what we’re asking of the men, but I already felt that I had a really strong connection with him and I was excited to see where things go, so it feels weird. It is a weird place for Rachel and I right now... Everything’s just way harder than I expected," Gabby said in a confessional, before giving out her rose to Johnny, and opening the door for Rachel to give her rose to Logan.

"Rachel feels very strongly about Logan. I want to be able to give her that space in order to nurture. It’s truly not worth stepping on Rachel’s toes in this scenario," Gabby said. "Two Bachelorettes is causing some hurdles that we didn’t really know to even plan for, and I’m not sure how we’re going to figure it out."

Rachel's First One-on-One Is a One and Done

Rachel selected race car driver Jordan V. for her first one-on-one, and the pair rode in a convertible to a zero gravity plane. The pilot was left "shocked" by Jordan's nerves over the experience, but she was able to calm him down enough for him to go for the kiss.

At the nighttime portion of the date, Rachel wanted to see if her "playful chemistry" with Jordan could go further. Things looked positive when Jordan opened up about the challenges of his parents' divorce, but Rachel wasn't feeling it.

"Jordan, he is so perfect. He’s exactly what I’ve asked for and he’s here for me. He’s being honest. But the more the day’s progressing, the more that I just know that there’s something missing," she said in a confessional. "The more I feel it, the more I’m pushing it down."

She expressed her feelings to a producer, telling him, "I want to like him a lot, but I know it’s not him. It’s not. I feel it in my gut. It’s just hard because he’s an incredible guy." 

Rachel ended up telling Jordan the truth, explaining that there was "just something that is missing" on her end and declining to offer him a rose. With that she walked him out, and took in a private concert by Ashley Cooke and Brett Young on her own.

"I feel a lot of pressure as the Bachelorette. If this first one-on-one isn’t working, then I’m failing in the role. It’s hard because I really want to be the best Bachelorette for the guys too, and I just don’t want them to feel like I’m failing them either," she told the cameras. "I didn’t ever expect to be Bachelorette, so it’s just hard to feel like I deserve it ‘cause I never feel like I did. I don’t want to be Rachel the Bachelorette. I just want to be Rachel."

Gabby and Nate Reach New Heights

Unlike Rachel, Gabby had a picture-perfect one-on-one date, in which she and Nate shared a "magical" kiss, took a helicopter ride, and enjoyed a hot tub.

"I’ve never had the chemistry kick off so well, so early," Nate said in a confessional, before telling Gabby, "I just want to be around you more." 

Things only improved on the nighttime portion of their date, as Nate opened up about his 6-year-old daughter at home. Nate's obvious love for his little girl led Gabby to open up about her close relationship with her dad and strained relationship with her mom, telling her date that she had to "relearn what it was to be loved because I didn’t really get that as a child."

While Gabby told the cameras that she wasn't sure if the mom life is for her, she decided to table that decision for another day, and offer Nate a rose.

"I think I’ve been afraid to be a mom sometimes 'cause I think it would hurt too bad. He gives me the confidence to not be so scared," Gabby said in a confessional. "Some people have the ability to love greater or maybe feel things more. I can just see him having such a big capacity for love. It’s easy to see my life with him. He really is a true, true man."

Chris Is Asked to Leave... Twice

Throughout the week, Chris had been rubbing some of the guys the wrong way by explaining his views on Fantasy Suites and revealing that it'd be a "deal-breaker" for him if the Bachelorette "decides to have sex with multiple people." He also confessed that he may not tell Gabby and Rachel his ultimatum ahead of time, leading some of the men to call Chris "manipulative" and "presumptuous," and slam him for having "preconditions to love."

At the cocktail party, Quincey, Jordan H. and Hayden told Rachel about Chris' comments. 

"When I came into this, I didn’t want to look like a girl that just got brought to Fantasy Suites and almost sexualized in a way," Rachel told the cameras. "To hear that being brought up before I have a conversation with someone is truly almost my biggest fear. The fact that Chris is already discussing ultimatums to try and take control of our journey, it just is extremely upsetting."

Rachel quickly shared the details with Gabby, who was left "pretty shocked" by Chris' "entirely ridiculous" and "very controlling" comments. The women pulled Chris for a conversation, and Gabby wasted no time, asking him, "Do you feel like it’s appropriate to talk about Fantasy Suites this early?" 

"I think it’s an appropriate thought, because the reality is, if I was going to be able to find love I tend to think all the way through to the end and to be able to work it backwards from there," he said. "... I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where that person who I was interested in had a sexual relationship with somebody else and then myself. With that situation, I wouldn’t be interested anymore in continuing the relationship." 

Gabby told Chris he was being "very calculated" and said he should respect "our place as women to be able to make our own decisions," while Rachel bashed him for being "condescending." With that, Gabby and Rachel walked Chris out. He didn't stay gone for long, though, and instead returned to the mansion to confront the guys who told on him. When the women spotted him, they asked him to leave for a second time, as Rachel told the cameras, "What Chris did does not show any qualities of what I want in a partner."

The First Rose Ceremony

Elsewhere in the cocktail party, Rachel questioned if anyone was there for her after her failed date with Jordan V. Her fears were put to rest when she had good chats -- and some kisses -- with Mario, Tyler and Zach.

When it was time for the rose ceremony, host Jesse Palmer informed the guys how this was going to work, telling them, "The roses they hand out tonight, they’re coming from both women. It means that both Gabby and Rachel, they want you around." 

With that, Jason, Aven, Erich, Zach, Jordan, Quincey, Michael, Tino, Jacob, Tyler, Termayne, Hayden, Meatball, Kirk, Spencer, Alec, Ethan and Mario were all handed roses, and the remaining men were asked to leave.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC. Keep up with the historic season by following along with ET's coverage of the series. 


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