'The Bachelorette' Episode 5 Recap: Michael A. Gets Injured and Hunter Emerges as a Villain

Katie Thurston is seeing husband potential with her remaining men.

Katie Thurston swooned over her new suitor on Monday's episode of The BacheloretteEpisode five of Katie's journey included romantic dates, an injury, and a new villain, all of which ET is breaking down in the Bachelorette  recap below.

The episode began with Blake Moynes joining the house, much to the men's dismay. His romantic one-on-one date followed, before an athletic group date brought one man to his knees.

Andrew S. landed the second solo date of the week, wooing Katie with his humor before getting deep about his upbringing and the realities of interracial relationships.

Keep reading for the full recap of episode five of The Bachelorette.

Blake and Katie Hit it Off

The last episode ended with Katie inviting Blake to join the house, which left him feeling "super excited" for the opportunity. While Katie felt confident in her decision, she turned to co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe for advice on navigating Blake's arrival with her current guys, as the former Bachelorette faced a similar dilemma when she allowed Nick Viall to join her season of the show midway through.

As Kaitlyn recalled the "rough" reaction to Nick's late entrance, fellow co-host Tayshia Adams broke the news to the guys while assuring them of Blake's intentions.

Blake arrived to the house shortly thereafter, fully aware of the "tension" he was causing. The awkwardness ramped up even more when Blake was granted the first one-on-one of the week. While the guys were angry about the turn of events, Blake was too busy feeling "giddy" about his date to care.

Katie and Blake took off on a horseback ride, and were quick to hit it off. Blake was left feeling that he'd known Katie forever, and the Bachelorette was equal smitten "natural and fun" connection. They shared a kiss, after which Katie told Blake, "You're a good kisser."

On the nighttime portion of their date, things took a serious turn when Blake asked Katie about where her sex-positive nature stemmed from. Katie opened up to her date about a past situation "where there wasn't consent." Katie previously opened up about the experience during a group date with some of her men.

"I’m really sorry to hear that. No one deserves to go through that. I have a new appreciation for you and who you are. I know how hard it is to talk about," Blake told her in response. "I hope you know that, regardless of what you’ve been through, I’ll always be very, very mindful of that topic. Just because I have been open and declared that I am very sex positive, I never want you to feel a certain way or scared of me in any form like that."

Blake's response and the success of the rest of the date, left Katie feeling that she made "the right decision" in having him join the house. After handing out the rose, getting a kiss, and enjoying a private concert, Katie said she felt "giddy" over Blake.

"I haven’t felt this way about somebody in a long time. There’s no holding back. There’s nothing I need to hide from her. I told her how good I feel," Blake said in a confessional. "Tonight, she gave me so much more than a rose. She gave me trust and honesty. Today could be my first date with my future wife."

Katie agreed, saying, "I could see myself walking away with Blake at the end of this. There. I said it. But it’s the truth."

The Bachelorette's Bash Ball Battle Turns Violent

Every guy except Blake and Andrew S. headed off to the group date next. Wells Adams and Franco Lacosta told the men they'd be playing a game that was a cross between rugby and basketball, before sending them off to change into wrestling singlets. 

While Aaron was a fan of the revealing outfit, single father Michael A. wasn't loving his "dad bod," as he jokingly dubbed the date "the worst day I've ever had in my life."

Michael A.'s day didn't turn around from there, though. After Hunter delivered a crushing hit to Mike P., the guys increased the violence, which reached its peak when Justin hit Michael A. so hard it caused an injury and left him feeling like it was "hard to breathe."

After Michael A. was cleared by the medics and got a heartfelt apology from Justin, Katie declared an end to the game and invited all the guys to the after party. The Bachelorette was quick to grab the injured Michael A. first, and the pair shared a sweet moment and a kiss.

Connor B. brought Katie to tears when he played an original song for her, before Hunter got his time with the Bachelorette. As the guys expressed their distaste for the software strategist, Hunter played up his sensitive side by showing Katie pictures of his kids.

"I’m setting myself apart for sure," Hunter said in a confessional after a kiss from Katie. "My goal is for her to forget about these other relationships and for these guys to come back to the house with their tail between their legs."

Following Hunter's time with Katie, Michael A. emotionally told the guys that he's a widower. Michael A. got comfort from Andrew M. in response, but no one was more moved than a crying Greg, who got up to give him a hug before going off to share his feelings with Katie.

After telling Katie that he's "completely crazy" for her, Greg promised the Bachelorette that he would not leave the show, despite having a hard time seeing her with other guys. Katie was relieved by Greg's assurance, telling him that his departure was one of her "biggest fears."

Despite Katie and Greg's moment together, it was Hunter who walked away with the group date rose.

Andrew S. and Katie Reach Another Level

Though he felt "nervous" going into the date with Katie, Andrew S. and the Bachelorette had an incredible time as they participated in challenges like dancing and making animal noises. The romantic time in the woods left Andrew S. and Katie swooning hard for each other.

"We can get deep and serious, and then we can laugh so hard we’re crying," Katie gushed in a confessional of Andrew S.

It was on the nighttime portion of their date that things really developed, though, as Andrew S. opened up to Katie about his dad being imprisoned during his childhood and the pain of not having him around. All of those experiences, he said, made him certain that he'd be around for his wife and kids when the time comes.

When Katie opened up about her own childhood in response, Andrew S. told her, "When you started understanding me, that’s when things changed for me. I’m so all in on this whole thing."

The deep conversation didn't end there, rather, Andrew S. started discussing the realities of an interracial relationship, telling Katie that his ex had been "worried about having mixed children."

Katie got choked up over Andrew S.'s reveal, before assuring him that she feels no such qualms.

"Know that for me, I think our love could be so beautiful, and our children would be just as beautiful as that love," she said. "That’s never crossed my mind. And maybe that’s because I’m naive as a white woman. Maybe that’s just in the community that I live in that I’ve never had to think that way, because to me, all I want in life is love. All I want is to have a beautiful family, regardless of how they look."

"That’s the relationship I want," Andrew S. responded. "Honestly, I’ve really fallen for your heart… I have never connected with a woman on this level."

As the pair made their way out to a hot tub, Andrew S. said in a confessional that he "definitely" sees himself "falling in love with Katie." After Katie gave him the rose, she used her confessional time to gush over feeling "effortlessly happy" with Andrew S.

"With how things went tonight, I can see myself falling in love and walking away with Andrew at the end of this," Katie said.

Hunter Enters Villain Territory

As the cocktail party kicked off, Katie told her guys, "I do see my husband in this room." Hunter thinks he's that man, explaining in a confessional that his new strategy is to be aggressive as he looks ahead to hometowns.

That strategy was quick to anger the guys, specifically Aaron and James, as Hunter, who already had a rose, pulled Katie aside for a mini date.

James decided to interrupt Hunter and Katie's time, earning annoyance from Hunter and praise from Katie for being "bold."

Tre got in on the drama, too, telling Hunter that his actions were similar to Thomas', who was sent home the week prior for being disingenuous. Hunter couldn't care less, though.

"I’m focused on Katie. I don’t give a s**t what they think," Hunter said in a confessional. "They can sit and let that fester while I’m on my one-on-one with her, falling more for her."

After Katie sent Quartney, Andrew M. and Josh home during the rose ceremony, Hunter upped the drama by interrupting Aaron's toast.

"They will not steal my joy. I’m way too close to potentially marrying this girl," Hunter told the camera in the episode's final moments. "They’re not going to take away the pink cloud that I’m on with her. I’m not gonna let it happen."

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