'The Bachelorette': Fan Favorite Grocery Store Joe Speaks Out! (Exclusive)

ABC / Craig Sjodin

ET caught up with the night one castoff after fan outcry over his quick exit. Will we see the Chicagoan on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

Joe Amabile is a pretty easygoing guy from Chicago. He's a buyer for grocery stores. But after Monday night's Bachelorette premiere, he became a trending topic on Twitter. The 32-year-old was sent home by Bachelorette Becca Kufrin after getting nervous and flubbing his introduction to her, and fans were distraught! They found Joe to be cute, kind and funny. They wanted mo' Joe!

So, ET caught up with the man himself to find out whether he's single now, and if he might get a shot at redemption on another series: Bachelor in Paradise. 

ET: How are you feeling about your newfound fame? You were a trending moment on Twitter after the Bachelorette premiere. Fans were very upset you were sent home!

Joe Amabile: It was kind of shocking! I didn’t expect it all. I never really had social media, even, so it’s all pretty crazy! But it feels good. It’s nice! It’s a confidence booster.

What message do you have for everyone who was sad to see you go?

Just "thank you"! It's very flattering. 

Does that mean women have been reaching out to you? Gone on any dates yet because of the show?

I have not gone on any dates, but yeah, people have been messaging me. I haven’t really responded because, I don’t know, I don’t really know what to do! It’s pretty nice.

Why did you go on The Bachelorette in the first place?

I was approached and asked if I would like to try out. I was single, Chicago is cold and I figured, why not give it a shot? I was hoping to possibly fall in love. I was approached in Chicago in a Whole Foods...which is not my grocery store! I was asked if I’d like to try out, and I feel that everything happens for a reason, so I said, "Yeah, sure, why not?" … I didn’t go on the show hoping to become Insta-famous or anything like that, I’ll just continue living my regular life [in Chicago.]

What happened? Why did you get so nervous and forget what you’d planned to say to Becca?

I was prepped, but I didn’t think I’d get as caught up as I did. I was nervous. It just threw me off my game, and from there I felt like such an idiot! It was hard to open up or make friends; I was so unsure of myself. … Becca and I did have a little more conversation. … I expected to stay a little longer, but if she didn’t feel a connection right away, I would’ve rather gone home than be there for a couple weeks and then have gone home. So I guess it worked out for the best.

ABC / Craig Sjodin

What were you going to say to her out of the limo?

I couldn’t believe how nervous I got. I was just going to tell her that she looked amazing and that when I found out it was her, I was really happy and that I was looking forward to getting to know her. But I totally understand why she didn’t pick me. It was very hard for my to be myself, I just never got comfortable. 

Since your time was so short, what did Bachelor Nation not get to see? What kind of guy are you?

I think I’m fun and easy to get along with, and I can be funny. I like to say I’m a good time!

So are you single?

I am single. … I would like to [settle down]. I just turned 32 in April, I don’t want to just continually go out.

What are you looking for in a woman?

Someone with a sense of humor. Genuine, attractive, nice smile.

Will we see you on Bachelor in Paradise? Chris Harrison tweeted that we might.

I can not confirm on Paradise, but I would go, yes.

If you go, how will you approach TV differently?

I’d relax! Breathe a little bit. Enjoy myself.

Since you’re 'Joe the Grocery Store Guy,' we have to ask for your grocery store staples. Give us a wine, a snack food, your favorite candy and something you’d make a great meal with.

I like a natural, organic wine, that’s what I’m into right now. There’s a rose I really like. For a snack food, I like peanut butter! One candy I like is Milky Way. I’d grab avocados, because I like tacos. I’d throw avocado into the tacos.

We also have to ask, you have several Instagram pictures of you with coffee...do you just love a good cup of… Joe?

I don’t know why! There’s no reason behind it. I just think I’m happy when I’m drinking coffee, so I take pictures.