'The Bachelorette' Finale: Rachel Doesn't Want to 'Air Out' Why She and Tino Were Having Problems Before Split

Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco
ABC/Craig Sjodin

'The Bachelorette' couple's engagement and breakup aired on Tuesday night's finale.

There's more to Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco's split than meets the eye. After breaking up over Tino's infidelity, the general contractor and the pilot reunited live on Tuesday's season finale of The Bachelorette.

During that conversation, which came after viewers saw a previously recorded breakup talk between the pair, Rachel alluded to the fact that there's a reason why their post-show life wasn't all good -- even before Tino cheated.

"We both don't want to air out why those things were happening," Rachel told Tino. "There were things that they cut out that we both know maybe led to us being in this bad place."

Rachel's cryptic statement came after Tino apologized for the situation.

"I am so sorry we're here. I didn't want what we just watched back at all to come off like I was putting any of this on you," he said of the reasons he seemed to be providing excuses for his cheating during their breakup talk. "... I was trying to provide you context of what I did. I was not trying to put it on you. What you were looking for is why this happened."

Leading up to Tino's kiss with another woman, things between him and Rachel "got distant, it got hard," Tino said, before adding that, even so, Rachel "didn't deserve what I did."

A sticking point for the pair seemed to be the engagement ring: Rachel told Tino she wouldn't wear the ring if they went back to dating, but Tino said he believed she was saying she couldn't wear it at all.

"I was devastated," Tino said, but Rachel was quick to clarify, "I never said that my engagement was over. We were never on a break."

Tino went on to admit that "how hard it would be for me to watch this back, I didn't take that into account."

"You broke my heart!" Rachel screamed. "We're up here and nothing is making sense to me still... What you did is absolutely inexcusable."

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