'The Bachelorette' Premiere Recap: Gabby and Rachel Send 3 Guys Home Ahead of First Rose Ceremony

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's journey is officially underway!

The Bachelorette is back -- and it's two for the price of one. On Monday's season 19 premiere, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia began their journey for love, and ET is breaking down everything you need to know with a recap of the episode.

Host Jesse Palmer kicked things off by attempting to explain how two women are going to date the same 32 guys, before the ladies themselves took things over, telling viewers that they're leaning into the friendship they formed after both were burned by former Bachelor Clayton Echard, instead of worrying about the potential pitfalls of their historic season.

It was then time for the limo entrances, and while some men were able to juggle both women seamlessly, others offered them uncomfortable reminders about their previous time on the franchise.

Though two guys had first impressions good enough to earn them a rose, three others were sent packing before the first rose ceremony. Fans will have to wait to see who else will get the boot, as Gabby and Rachel opted to press pause on handing out more roses in an effort to talk to more guys before they do. 

Keep reading for ET's recap of the season 19 premiere of The Bachelorette.

How Is This Going to Work?

Jesse admitted to viewers that he's "not really sure" what to expect from the season, but assured everyone, "I am confident that Gabby and Rachel can figure it out. The most important thing is that the women come in here with a plan of their own and that they support each other on this unusual quest to find love."

As for the women themselves, Rachel told the cameras that she was "really heartbroken" after the situation with Clayton, which Gabby likened to "torture."

"Gabby and I really picked up the pieces for each other and I’m so ready to start this new chapter with her," Rachel said. "I don’t think there’s a doubt in my mind that Gabby and I are going to find our fiancés."

Who those men will be remains to be seen, but Rachel is on the search for a tall, athletic guy that makes her laugh, while Gabby wants "to be with someone who can make a decision."

What happens if there's one guy that fits both women's criteria? Well, neither of them has an answer to that.

"Dating the same guys is definitely going to be challenging... but with two of us we’re just going to have to figure it out," Rachel told the cameras, with Gabby adding, "Hopefully I meet my husband, and hopefully it’s not the same one that Rachel wants."

A Clown, a Horse, and Lots of Talk About Clayton

Zach was the first man out of the limos, telling both ladies that he's "the luckiest guy" to be there with them. Rachel found someone who was her "type" with Jason next, before Aven made both the ladies swoon by giving them each individual attention. Jordan H. took that idea up a notch, putting headphones on Gabby while he spoke to Rachel, before doing the same to the other woman.

Hand-holding, dancing, juggling and two literal chicks followed with the next limo entrances, before Quincy, who goes by Prince, told the ladies that he hadn't had sex in over a year. 

"That makes one of us," Gabby quipped as he walked away, with laughing Rachel questioning, "Do you know who you’re talking to?" (Both women went to the Fantasy Suite with Clayton.)

Not-so-thinly veiled references to Clayton followed, with Hayden assuring the girls that his similar name isn't cause for concern, Ryan wearing a clown costume as he told Gabby and Rachel that he's not like their ex, and Alec commissioning a choir to sing about how much the medical sales rep sucks.

Gabby thought those men brought up her ex at "the wrong time," while Rachel told the cameras, "I think Gabby and I are OK with not hearing Clayton’s name again tonight."

A meatball enthusiast, a shoeless man, a magician, and a Fabio lookalike all followed. By the end of the intros, both women had met men who they considered to be their type, Tino -- who came in on a forklift -- for Rachel, and Spencer -- who made an impression by bringing chairs for both women -- for Gabby.

The First Impressions

Hayden was quick to catch Rachel's attention, as he brought her a homemade birthday card, a gesture that made her feel "so special." Aven drew her interest too, as he told her that he was there for her. Likewise, Jordan V. "really surprised" Rachel as he expressed his intentions toward her and showed off his race car. It was Tino who scored Rachel's first kiss, though, as the pilot swooned that the smooch made her "feel better than ever about finding my future partner." 

Meanwhile, Gabby learned some Boston lingo from Ryan, and spent time with a shirtless Jacob, who read off his list of important attributes for his future partner. Though Gabby was unable to look away from Jacob's pecs, it was Mario with whom she shared her first kiss.

"He’s a great kisser," Gabby gushed. "He’s kind of giving me butterflies"

The women took a break from chatting with the men to catch up with each other, as Gabby admitted to her co-lead, "Now I kind of understand how you can have feelings for multiple people."

That statement was a nod at what was to come, as both Gabby and Rachel had positive conversations with Logan and Erich.

"I can see how this is going to get complicated very quickly," Erich told the cameras after kissing Gabby and having a great chat with Rachel.

In the end, Rachel offered up her first impression rose to Tino, while Gabby handed out her rose to Mario.

We're Just Not That Into You

Just before the rose ceremony was set to get underway, Gabby and Rachel asked to speak to Joey and Justin Y., who are twins, as well as Roby, a magician. Earlier in the night, the twins spoke to both women together, a tactic Roby likewise used during his time with the ladies. That plan didn't work out for the three guys, as Gabby and Rachel sent them packing.

"It’s hard in the moment to know that we can inflict pain on other people and that it is part of the role of being the Bachelorette," Gabby told the cameras, with Rachel adding, "We know how scary it is to put yourself out there, but there are going to be many times where Gabby and I are going to have to make difficult decisions, and I think we need to be assertive tonight and really show the guys that we are serious, and when we don’t feel a connection we don’t." 

All the other men were spared from going home night one, as Gabby and Rachel announced that they'd decided to cancel the rose ceremony so that they could get more time to speak to everyone.

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