'The Bachelor's Matt James Accidentally Hits Camera Man With Golf Ball: 'I Owe You a Beer'

James was at the PGA Tour in Arizona when he decided to show off his golf skills.

The next round's on Matt James

The Bachelor alum was golfing at the WM Phoenix Open in Phoenix, Arizona, Wednesday when he accidentally slammed a camera man with a golf ball.

James was at the tournament's 16th hole, which is surrounded by a stadium of fans, when he decided to show off his golf skills for the crowd. In the video shared by the PGA Tour's Instagram account, the crowd can be seen and heard reacting to the whack James' swing gave the cameraman. 

James tried to explain the mishap afterwards, telling a reporter, "I think I was aiming for the wrong hole."

"I took a divot on that first shot and I should've toned it down a little bit," he continued. "My speed swing was a little bit too...I was a little worked up. And that second shot, I probably should've brought my own clubs out. Should've checked which way the wind was going. It just came off the tip of my nine iron and was a clean thigh shot."

It all worked out in the end though, with James apologizing to the cameraman and offering to buy him a beer.

"I just really want to apologize again for that," James said on Instagram. "I was not aiming for you, I think frankly, I was aiming for anything and that's the problem. I probably should've never stepped out here. I was telling the guys earlier that I had spent about six hours at Topgolf, it didn't pay off at all." 

"I will be back next year," he promised. "But don't fret, because I'm gonna put in a lot of work between now and then and it's only up. I owe you beer. I owe you dinner. I owe you my life."

The cameraman was shown the apology too, with his reaction captured in the PGA's post as well. 

"Oh, there's a video," he said, surprised. "He's a good guy. He felt bad. I felt it. Like I said, next year, I'm wearing a cup."

"Will you accept this shank? 🌹 Courtesy of @mattjames919 from #thebachelor," the PGA Tour captioned the hilarious mishap.

See it all go down in the video below.