The 'Below Deck' Season 8 Trailer Is Here! (Exclusive)

Captain Lee Rosbach returns for his eighth season on Bravo's 'Below Deck.'

Francesca Rubi takes over chief stewardess duties from Kate Chastain in season 8 of Bravo hit 'Below Deck.'

Below Deck is back, back on board My Seanna -- and back home in the Caribbean. ET has your exclusive first look at season 8 of the Bravo hit, which includes lots of new faces and a couple familiar ones, too.

"It's been years since I've been in the Caribbean, and I missed the hell out of it," Captain Lee Rosbach says in the trailer. "White sandy beaches, crystal blue water? It's like putting on your favorite pair of blue jeans. It’s like going home again."

Captain Lee is joined by returning bosun Eddie Lucas, who last appeared in season 3. For the first time since season 2, Below Deck has a new chief stewardess. Kate Chastain, who served through season 7, exited the series in February. In her place is Francesca Rubi.

"No watermarks, anywhere. All the time," Francesca declares in the teaser. "I do take my job a little bit too seriously sometimes."

This season promises to bring stripping guests, some tone-deaf passengers, a little naked sushi eating and a Below Deck first: Captain Lee seemingly ending a guest’s charter early due to their bad behavior. It also looks like there will be some familiar twists, like on-deck accidents and crew firings. Watch the full first look here:

Season 8 sails straight into the coronavirus pandemic, as the crew questions whether their charters will be cut short as "the f**king world [goes] to hell in a f**king handbasket," as Captain Lee puts it. Get to know each of the cast members below.

Captain Lee Rosbach


Captain Lee returns to one of his favorite places to sail, but after a challenging time and the retirement of his chief stewardess, Kate, he yearns for some familiarity and finds solace with his old friend, Bosun Eddie.

Eddie Lucas


In the past five years, he has done some serious growing up and is ready to show his crew what it takes to be a great bosun. But yachting is not all fun and games—will this veteran prove he is up for the challenge, or will he decide this is his final sail?

Francesca Rubi


Francesca is a perfectionist who runs a tight ship by raising the bar when it comes to service. When she discovers her stews are not up to her “white gloves, no watermarks” standards, she reaches a breaking point that sends waves throughout the interior.

Rachel Hargrove


Rachel is a seasoned five-star Michelin chef with over 14 years of yachting experience. She keeps her galley in order and takes no prisoners, so when things start cooking and it’s not her duck confit, the crew becomes concerned about how quickly she can go from zero to a hundred.

Elizabeth Frankini


Elizabeth has four years of on-and-off freelancing in yachting. She believes in astrology and tries to stick to a namaste vibe, but when she mixes business with pleasure, she finds herself surrounded by bad energy that no amount of crystals can ward off.

Isabelle "Izzy" Wouters


A certified yacht master, Izzy knows her way around the interior and exterior of a boat better than most, but sometimes her lack of confidence gets in the way. Izzy is a stew, but dreams of one day joining her fellow deckhands.

James Hough


Smart, charming, and always the life of the party, James is a big flirt. His "work hard, play harder" attitude turns into more than he bargained for with some of the female crew. He is committed to doing the bare minimum of work necessary, but is in for a rude awakening when he finds out his shipmates are not the party animals he was hoping for.

Shane Coopersmith

Bravo / Shane Coopersmith

A California surfer turned environmentalist, Shane is attempting to break into the world of yachting, but his lack of experience proves to be challenging for Eddie and may put the crew in a safety predicament.

Below Deck's new season premieres Monday, Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.